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Dreams are something that we all know about, no matter our age, language, or nationality. Dreams are a part of everyday life, and when we rest our heads and fall asleep, they always happen.

For some reason dreams are difficult to remember, but nonetheless, they always are a very unique experience. Whether it could happen in the real world or not, it can be a dream. For example, you are flying on a yoga ball in the middle of the road after escaping from school with a group of friends. Is this a realistic scenario? No. Could it happen in a dream? Absolutely! The dreamworld has endless possibilities, and what your dreams are like depend on what your worries, excitements, and wants are in the real world! Dreams can be scary, fun, adventurous, sad, or be set in the exact same time and place you just were. 

Now that I’ve explained all of that, I would like to share with you some of my more memorable dreams. When I was around 2 or 3, my mom would read me a book with living numbers. I would always love that book, until one night, when I had a dream about those same living numbers forcefully taking me away from my parents. I was crying, and I was extremely upset that I would never see my parents again. This may seem funny looking back, but it was a very scary dream back then.

I also had a dream once that I was in a dimly lit version of my dad’s apartment, and he got me a kitten. I was so happy, and I even asked myself, “Is this a dream?”, and blinked to make sure it was real. Somehow I didn’t realize that I was in a dream, or woke up, but when I did wake up, I was disappointed, almost to the point of tears, just because I didn’t get a real kitten. I’ve also had dreams where I woke up smiling or laughing because it was so fun; but unfortunately, sad and scary dreams are easier to remember than good ones, so I can’t tell you about many of those.

Dreams are an exciting experience to get us through the night, and they can be scary, sad, happy, and much more! What is a memorable dream that you have had?