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Daddy Debrief

Sweet Spring

by David DeWitt

I’ve written before about how Finn has inherited my sweet tooth.

To my delight sometimes. Other times to my dismay, especially when he doesn’t want to brush his teeth.

More weekend mornings than not, he asks for pancakes or waffles.

When we make them, sometimes we double the recipe and freeze half. If we do, he keeps a mental note of how many there are in the freezer, until they are all consumed.

If there are sweets of any kind in the house, he will find a way to weave them into conversation. For instance if I happen to mention I’m a little tired, he’ll pick right up on it.

“Yeah, me too Daddoo, “he’ll say. “You know what would be a really good idea?”

Then, with wide eyes, he will mouth the word “cookie”.

And it is amazing how food that he dramatically declares inedible at dinnertime is miraculously wolfed down in a matter of seconds if he’s been told there is the possibility of dessert.

We have a subscription to Ranger Rick kid’s magazine. In the last issue we were reading about the big horned sheep. Upon learning that they have four-sectioned stomachs, Finn said: “Oh good! That means one can be the dessert compartment!”

Slave to the sweet tooth. He’s definitely my son.

Admittedly, I’m often thinking of dessert before the meal begins, too.

Sweets after a meal, according to some studies, relax the stomach so it no longer feels full. That’s why it seems like we have a separate chamber for treats sometimes.

With all our obsessions about sweets it would seem that we would eat a lot more of them.  But other than holidays or birthdays we do a fairly good job of regulating sugar intake around the house. Maybe that’s what keeps them so present in our thoughts.

With the weather warming up slightly, certain goodies that were absent in the winter are back to the forefront of our minds.  We have our eyes on the ice cream stands. The farm markets are open. Fresh baked muffins, donuts and pies are back out.

If the seasons of the year were like a four-sectioned stomach, Spring would definitely be the dessert compartment.

Giving us space after the heavy entrees of winter.

Life is expanding again. Making room for more things, sweet or otherwise.

When you stepout into a warmish sunny morning you feel more energized.

It’s no wonder we want to clean and plant and hike.

It’s good to feel fresh air that doesn’t numb your nose. The heavy coat and sweaters are gone. No more cumbersome boots and thick socks.

It makes you stand a little taller, walk a little faster and breathe a little deeper.

Suddenly it feels like you can accomplish anything. Tasks that have been put off due to cold weather, now are within reach.

No more excuses!

Time to get to work and get some things done!

But maybe first… a brownie.