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Current Member Spotlight: Kim Zang

Kim Zangrando is a graphic designer working and living in Kingston. Known locally for her artistic, band posters (you may have spotted them at The Anchor in Kingston), she recently became a part of the team at the Hudson Valley Current. We spoke to Kim to find out why she decided to start using a local currency.

How did you get into your line of work?

I’ve been designing for 20 years now. When I was 20, I was going to college for design, but ended up getting a part-time job with a local publication. I hate to say it, but I dropped out of college and started working full-time for the publication. I learned a lot there, and also taught myself. Then I relocated to Philadelphia and landed a really great agency job, which was pretty remarkable considering I didn’t have a degree. I was there for a good amount of time, and then I moved to the Hudson Valley.

When I came up here, I wasn’t going to be a designer anymore. I actually wanted to be a designer, but I didn’t really know anyone. I ended up working as a server part-time at The Anchor in Kingston. Then I started designing posters for all of the local bands that play there. My posters at The Anchor brought me a lot of exposure. That has kind of evolved and brought me to where I am now. I still do promotions for bands and album artwork, but now I’m also starting work with more nonprofits. I recently collaborated with Pivot Ground for a logo design for Horses for a Change, they spend a good amount of their time working with children through equine therapy.

I’ve also become directly involved with the Current. I’m working with Chris Hewitt on a brochure right now. and I’m going to be doing the editorial layout for Livelihood.

I’m doing these new things, but it always comes back to my posters at The Anchor. My main love is music, so it’s great that I get to be creative. My inspiration comes from the psychedelic styles of the 60s and 70s, think Fillmore show posters. I’ve met so many people through doing that. That’s how I met Liz Harrington at the Current. I design often for her husband’s band, Geezer. It started with the posters and from there, I have designed some of their records and CDs.


How does your business fit into the larger movement to revitalize the Hudson Valley?

I’ve been in Kingston for about 10 years now. There are a lot of new companies and restaurants popping up. As a designer, I can help them with their branding and their marketing strategies. For these new businesses, whatever they need to help promote themselves, that’s where I come in to help them achieve that. I recently did a poster for Radio Kingston. They had a show on September 23 at Kingston Point called Fall Fling. It was a benefit for their Radio Kingston Community Fund. I didn’t spearhead the event, but I did design work for them which helped convey their message.


What measures do you take to support the local economy?

When I think of my role in Kingston’s economy, it is a big service industry town. Servers, bartenders, and all the locals who frequent local establishments are constantly and consistently putting their money back into each other. For example, the people from Pakt come to eat at The Anchor, I will in turn go to Pakt when I want to go out to dinner. We all support each other. I also shop local every chance I get.


Why are you interested in using Currents? Why did you decide to start using a local currency?

At first, using Currents appealed to me as a networking tool. I’ve met a lot of great people through it so far. With Horses for a Change, I was paid in Currents for the logo I designed. It was a gratifying experience to work with a nonprofit and is good exposure for my business.

I’m excited about the member directory and the possibilities of where I can spend them. I can go get acupuncture, or go to the chiropractor with my Currents, or go to a farm and get produce, and it’s feeding into the economy. The member list is so overwhelming. I can’t wait to go to all of these places. I’m learning about businesses that I didn’t know existed. Since Currents encourage people to spend locally, it makes sense to use them.


Visit www.kimzangdesign.com for

Kim’s portfolio and contact information.