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CURRENT MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Corinna Geib, ImmuneSchein

Q&A with Corinna Geib, owner of ImmuneSchein

Q: What makes ImmuneSchein unique?

A: We think what makes us unique is certainly the product itself to a large extent. It is a very pure and potent product, with extremely high quality whole food ingredients. In addition to that, we have a great team here at ImmuneSchein that loves everything about the elixirs—making them, selling them, sharing them, talking about them; all of our team members are very engaged in the business. This definitely is a huge part of the consistent taste and passion that comes out in every ounce, every time.

Q: What is your favorite part about doing what you do?

A: There are so many great and satisfying things about what we do, but one thing that is very consistent is that our customers are extremely grateful for our product. We have had so many people telling us that using the elixir improved their health and wellbeing so immensely, and that is absolutely the best! Another favorite part for us is definitely working with such amazing and healing ingredients, which help us to evolve and learn something new every day.

Q: How would you like to see ImmuneSchein grow?

A: In the past two years of being in business, the greatest thing in terms of growth was to see that it comes organically with the product, our service, and the approach. Our customers refer us to other direct customers as well as all the wholesale accounts we have today. That aspect has been amazing to us, and we would like to continue seeing this.