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Investing in Us

What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Pet and health problems, creative projects, and once again a few campaigns that seem perfect for our area:

Moon Turtle Medicine Wheel Project’s Native American Art Initiative from New Paltz involves the discovery of a stone paint pot on a property in the Ulster County community of Lomontville that experts are pegging to be up to 5,000 years old. Run by the founders of the Rail Trail Café, this effort to raise $5,000 is aimed at funding a public bluestone sculpture for educator Evan Pritchard to teach our region’s Native American history. It’s an active campaign at youcaring,com.

Help Michael Tice & the Tice Family is a GoFundMe campaign now several years old, designed to help out an elderly Hudson man who was extorted for $85,000, his entire life savings. They’re aiming to raise $20,000 to help find the extended family a new home (the original perpetrator was charged but will likely not make full restitution of all he stole). Talk about community caring!

Hudson Valley Brassroots Festival, meanwhile, is certainly different, but also a great way of highlighting an oft-forgotten part of our culture. It’s an Indiegogo campaign to create an annual community event in Kingston; The people behind the July 28 event are first class. Plus it’ll be taking place at Seed Song Farm with eight top bands representing a very diverse set of sounds. Give them a shot!