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Changing to Match the Region’s Rise

Why We’ve Moved Livelihood to the Fore

    After nearly a decade of success, we’ve decided to make some changes within the publication you’re reading. We want to better reflect the goals and mission of our parent entity at Hudson Valley Current, and rise with the new tide of socially responsible entrepreneurship that’s driving the Hudson Valley economy. As you’ve noticed, our content hasn’t changed all that much; it’s the way we’ve decided to order and present it.

    Instead of keeping Country Wisdom News at the front, wrapping around our innovative Livelihood pages, we’ve put our economic news first and foremost. We are now Livelihood, focused on positive news and opportunities within our business and nonprofit worlds, with an eye towards the way such things affect the Hudson Valley’s much-lauded Quality of Life. Yet we are also maintaining the columns, feature stories, and cool events that have long been central to CWN and its focus on land, community and home.

    Think of our rearranged publication as a wealth of information and inspiration on People, Place, Profit and Planet. More importantly, continue to share each of our issues with your friends and family, using us as an ambassador for the abundance we’re all striving to increase and pass on to others from this utopian valley we call home.

    But remember, please, that to survive and reach full effect, publications such as ours need support. That means telling those you know what a great, targeted means of advertising we are for dedicated entrepreneurs and local movers-and-shakers throughout the Hudson Valley. We reach those who make a difference. They read us closely.

    Also, we urge you to take that extra step to support us as subscribers, by either paying our base subscription fees, or donating even more. Free distribution is a great thing we like to do for our community, but it takes support.

    Moreover, use what you read here as an entry into the many great things we’re working on at Hudson Valley Current. We’re a rising community of abundance-minded, similar efforts. And that abundance is best shared by joining the Current, the Hudson Valley’s great new means of making our economy our own.

    As they’ve long said, all things global start locally.

Chris Hewitt

Executive Director, Hudson Valley Current