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Celebrate Fridays at Tilda’s with Nature of Exchange Evenings

This April, Tilda’s Kitchen and Market will reopen after closing in March to avoid interference with the Broadway Streetscape Project, which will incorporate bicycle lanes, increase green space, and improve the flow and efficiency on Broadway. 

At Tilda’s, it’s all about the beautiful flow. The restaurant’s initial opening has been a huge success, with all sorts of folks coming in to enjoy community-inspired global cuisine. To celebrate our April reopening and Kingston’s fresh new look, we are re-launching on April 2 with a fresh idea of our own: the Nature of Exchange, Friday evening community celebrations that will bring guests into the cultural and economic flow of abundance offered by the Hudson Valley Current, Tilda’s nonprofit parent. 

The Current is all about creating abundance through local trade, and Tilda’s Kitchen and Market is all about the culinary and communal essence of what makes it work so well. We’re incorporating multiple forms of exchange that people can come together and relish after a long, rough winter and a strange year.

You can come behind the scenes for the cooking exchange as dinner is being prepared from 4-6pm. Chefs will be demonstrating their art in a casual, interactive setting; you’re welcome to offer feedback and ideas, or ask anything you’d like to know about their methods. Kitchens are places where warmth and magic happen, and you’re invited into ours.

From 6-8pm we’ll be feasting—a dinner exchange dedicated to savoring and conversation. Your share of the exchange? Bring a story to tell or a question you’ve wondered about. Bring conversation and a heart for listening.

The meal itself will undoubtedly provide some conversational nutrition along with a hearty and delicious dose of the physical kind. Each week, a different healthy ingredient from a local farm will take center stage, inspiring the chef and offering an insider’s look at the marvels our local growers provide.

On Friday April 2, the humble yet magnificent sweet potato will be the star of the evening, first pickled in a spring mix salad. The sweet potato’s appetizer role will strike an entirely different note, in a sweet potato biscuit served with savory sausage gravy. Our entree will be chicken Alfredo with sweet potato sauce, and for dessert, we’ll have an impossibly delicious sweet potato pumpkin pie.

Our sweet potato re-launch and celebration is thanks to the folks at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, where the sweet potatoes grew to ripe, delicious harvest size as part of a sweet potato slip trial. The Hurley-based Farm Hub is a lively center for research and demonstration of resilient Hudson Valley growing techniques; research done there in 2020 involved small grains varieties, the impact of tillage, the use of nematodes for potato bug control, a Native Meadow Trial and much more, in collaboration with partners like Cornell Cooperative Extension and Woods End Laboratories. 

On Friday, April 9 we’ll be basing the entire menu around elegant spring spinach, presented at its most wonderful peak of pickability from Farmstock Farms in Kingston, an agricultural cooperative begun by “corporate-dropouts turned first-generation farmers.” 

On Friday, April 16, the starring ingredient will be butternut squash courtesy of Insook’s Kimchee and Organic Produce, based in Plattekill; if you haven’t yet paid a visit to Insook’s, you’ll want to after tasting these dishes; they’re open Fridays and Saturdays and offer prepared foods you can’t find in most places, along with a wealth of organic and vegan eating wisdom.

Friday, April 23, the spotlight will be on the sugar snap peas from our Kingston neighbors, Seed Song Farm and Center. Seed Song Farm produces sustainably-grown vegetables, herbs, berries, flowers, and forest products, available through CSA shares (weekly pickup of fresh produce at the farm), local farmers’ markets, an on-site farmstand, and charitable donations, all grown with a strong focus on indigenous plants. Seed Song Center organizes youth summer programs; an afterschool program; field trips for schools, community groups and businesses;  and farm-based educational events, workshops and festivals. Stop by on a weekend in May or June for their Plant Sale.

At our Friday Exchanges at Tilda’s you’ll be able to sample a farm’s offerings prepared in multiple dishes by master chefs, get tips, and establish a connection directly to the source. At 8pm, the focus of the evening will shift to the market side of Tilda’s and we’ll highlight one of our member makers. First up on April 2 will be the work of Ellis Bradley of Live Edge Sculptural Furniture, whose work transforming 300-year-old barn wood into handcrafted furniture at his Branford, Connecticut-based Sage Studios will delight and astonish you.

Any Current member-maker is, of course, welcomed to bring products for placement on the Market shelves. And as the evening develops into a makers’ talk and open mic, inspiration will be flowing.
A ticket for a Friday Nature of Exchange session featuring a four-course farm-to-fork chefs’ dinner and maker’s presentation is just $40, with a preference for payment in Currents. In keeping with our principle of abundance for all and paying it forward, there will be some sponsored seats available. Reserve your seat today by visiting hudsonvalleycurrent.org/exchangeseries.