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It’s officially gifting season, starting with a feast of gratitude, moving on to the Solstice and the sun’s return. What a wonderful human response to the shortening days: present the ones you love with some special token of your fondness, a visible symbol of your feelings. As far as anyone can tell, gift giving is […]

Gifting with Abundance

Gifting season is upon us, and it’s joyful to hunt down something you know will delight someone you love. This is best done with the small, independent local sources; the warmth and mutual appreciation exchanged are a priceless gift in themselves. Plus, you just plain find much cooler stuff.  Whatever you do, don’t do too […]

What Grandmothers Gave

The sun is sinking fast now, and we’re on a completely unfamiliar road somewhere in Virginia. The exit sign promised a motel, but there’s none to be seen, and the commercial zone thins rapidly to large gated driveways—very pretty in the fading light. But the car’s engine feels wrong, like it’s gasping for air, and […]

Take a Seat at the Table

In the age of TV dinners and restaurant gatherings, for many, the tradition of sitting down at the table and sharing a meal is a thing of the past. As more aspects of everyday life become commodified, many practices and rituals are becoming less and less commonplace. Gathering together to eat has become a luxury, […]

Simple Gifts

What if the solution to all of our planet’s problems was hidden in plain sight? If it weren’t for our symbiotic relationship with plants, we’d have no air to breathe—an exchange that even the greediest humans have found no way to monetize, though the monetization of just about everything else has certainly jeopardized it.  The […]

Nature of Exchange Dinners: September 2021

I like to think of my vegetable garden as a community. Tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and corn. Each fruit or vegetable has its own unique personality, yet they all share a common goal, a goal not far off from our own human desires. But plants are just non-thinking, non-feeling, senseless beings…. Or are they? I’m not […]

Nature of Exchange Dinners: July 2021

Summer is here! With so much delicious local produce available, it’s hard to choose which delectable ingredient to build your meal around. Every Friday at Tilda’s Kitchen, our fabulous chefs will guide you through your meal-making collaboration from start to finish, and then you can stick around for local open mic entertainment 8-10pm. On July […]

Nature of Exchange Dinners: June 2021

Summer is in the air, and with it’s arrival comes the fabulous seasonal produce the Hudson Valley is famous for. Join Tilda’s chefs every Friday in June to celebrate one of these special ingredients.  The feature for June 4 will be rhubarb. This easy to grow perennial is technically a vegetable, but is most commonly […]

Nature of Exchange Dinners: May 2021

Asparagus, Swiss Chard, Arugula and Beets! “Velocius quam asparagi conquantur!” Shouted by Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus to his troops, it translates to “faster than cooking asparagus.” Essentially, “get moving already!” Augustus loved asparagus so much that he organized an elite military unit called “the asparagus fleet” tasked with procuring it for him throughout his empire. […]

Nutritious Fun: Cooking Class a Hit at Tilda’s

Looking for safe, fun, and nourishing ways to expand your circle in this season of flourishing growth? Get in on the fun at a Friday night Nature of Exchange session at Tilda’s Kitchen and Market and polish your culinary skills, discovering new ways to deploy fresh, local ingredients and enjoy community-inspired local cuisine with a […]

Friday Nature of Exchange Dinners: April Veggies

Starting April 2, and every following Friday there will be an evening of exchange celebrating local, seasonal food through cooking, dining and conversation at Tilda’s Kitchen on Broadway in Kingston. Each week a treasure grown or produced in the Hudson Valley will be the debutant of the ball. A team of local chefs will create […]