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It never hurts to have some magick on your side. Note the spelling: we’re not talking about magic tricks, such as those performed by Harry Houdini, David Blaine or Penn and Teller (although it’s probably fun having them on your side, too). Those folks do illusions. Magick is the real deal, the art of lining […]


Imagine the feeling: making a fresh start thousands of miles from home, learning a hundred new things a day and trying to make all the right moves. It’s made many times more challenging because you don’t speak the majority language; some agencies and places are bilingual, but many aren’t, and finding the ones that are […]


From the beginning, MyKingstonKids has focused on one goal: making Kingston a great place for children. It’s turned out to be a popular mission. “We just hit our sixth year, and it’s going fantastic,” says Executive Director Frank Waters. “We’ve been growing rapidly since we started and we haven’t stopped yet. We’re still moving along. […]


Come on out and dance. Or act. Or beat the drum. It’s all right here in Midtown, extremely affordable, welcoming to all, and the kids will love it too. The Center for Creative Education is all about finding and living your possibilities—and expanding them by nurturing your mind and body until those possibilities open up […]


There isn’t a Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach Center everywhere, but in a saner world, there would be one within reach of every human being, deploying their blend of timeless wisdom with research-based, best-in-class people and methods to increase our individual and collective peace, joy and freedom. Addiction, depression and anxiety are pervasive lately, and it’s […]


Human beings are born to work with our hands. Centuries of human existence demanded it, and being the wonderful creatures that we are, we gathered together to do it and made all kinds of beautiful things, and creating something beautiful is still the best known cure for a whole host of troubles. Organizers Melissa Hewitt, […]


Microgreens are harvested young, just a week or two after seed germination. All of the energy that would go into making a large, leafy plant is concentrated in tender, tasty little sprigs of goodness. They’re rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and more, and can be up to 40 times as nutritionally […]

Member Profile: Family of Woodstock

For December’s Member Profile, we’re featuring Family of Woodstock, a local non-profit founded in 1970. Family offers the community services such as shelters, emergency food pantries, domestic violence services, court advocates, counseling and case management, hotlines, child care and more. Learn more about their work and why they use Currents, in our Q&A with Michael […]

Member Maker: Common Hands Farm

Our featured Hudson Valley Current member for the November issue is Common Hands Farm, an organic farm located in Columbia County. Learn more about their operation in our Q&A below. 1. Please describe the work you do at Common Hands Farm. Common Hands is built around the principles of true community agriculture. In addition to […]

Member Maker: Circle Creative Collective

Our featured Hudson Valley Current Member for October is the Circle Creative Collective. Learn more about their crafting workshops and connection to the Current in our Q&A below.  Please describe the work you do at Circle Creative Collective.  We are a nonprofit organization rooted in the Hudson Valley with a mission of preserving and sharing […]

Member Maker: Seed Song Farm

This month’s featured Member Maker is Seed Song Farm and Center in Kingston, NY. Farm manager Creek Iversen describes their community-centered programs and why Currents connect with their mission in our Q&A below.  1. Please describe the work you do at Seed Song Farm. We are rekindling a cultural reverence for the land by making […]

Member Maker: Hudson Valley Seed Company

This month, our featured Current member is the Hudson Valley Seed Company. We reached out to co-founder Doug Muller to learn more about the company and why they use Currents.  Please describe the work you do at the Hudson Valley Seed Company.     I am one of the co-founders of the business and currently run […]

Member Spotlight: Free Columbia

For the June Member Spotlight, we spoke with Laura Summer and Nathaniel Williams of Free Columbia, to learn more about their initiative and why they use the Hudson Valley Current.  Please describe the work you do at Free Columbia.  Free Columbia began in 2009 as a community-supported, community-oriented, cultural and educational initiative. It is located […]

Member Maker: KaN Landscape Design

This month, our featured member maker is KaN Landscape Design. Originally from France and now rooted in the Hudson Valley, Karine Duteil and Nadej Hocini share their background, inspirations, and how they got involved with the Hudson Valley Current.  Please describe the work you do at KaN Landscape Design. The work we do often begins […]

Nature of Exchange Member Maker: Ellis Bradley of Sage Studios

The first member maker featured at Tilda’s Nature of Exchange Fridays is Ellis Bradley of Sage Studios. Ahead of the event, we reached out to Bradley to learn more about his work and the inspiration behind it.  Please describe the work you do at Sage Studios. Sage Studios creates furniture, sculpture, wall reliefs, and objects […]

Member Profile: Seasoned Delicious

Building Community Health and Wealth With Caribbean Flair A registered nurse and cardiac critical care specialist, Tamika Dunkley was struck by the struggle faced by patients who were told to sacrifice the pleasure of favorite foods or risk dire health consequences. “My heart would break seeing people come in and spend months in the hospital […]

Member Profile: Kingston Food Co-op

Like many small cities, Kingston’s urban core is something of a retail food desert. Grocery shopping on foot, and healthy, affordable options, weren’t easily available in Midtown. So a little over two years ago Katy Kondrat, manager of the Kingston Farmers’ Market and a longtime food systems activist, got together with smart stakeholders and made […]

Future Fruits: A Bold, Sensible Plan to Make Kingston Food Forests

The Future Fruits collective consists of Jared Williams of Saugerties, Karine Duteil, originally of Burgundy, France and now a Woodstock resident, Nadej Hocini, originally from Paris, now living in Kingston, and Barbara Scott of Kingston. (Duteil and Hocini are partners at KaN Landscape Studios.)  We talked to them about why and how there should be […]

Building Abundance: Been To the Digital Resilience Market Yet?

If you’ve ever considered becoming a Hudson Valley Current member and then thought, “but what could I buy with an alternative local currency, anyway?” You owe it to yourself to take a look at the Digital Resilience Market. First established in March as an economic and supply chain stabilizer for Kingston, Ulster County, and the […]

Engaging the Hivemind: Hudson Valley Bee Habitat

Hudson Valley Current Member Profile As you probably already know, bees are key. In a very real sense, they are more important to the survival of life on earth—not just human life, either, but all life—than any other critter. The love match between bees and flowering plants, at least 100 million years old, has played […]


Compiled By Jodi La Marco Liz Harrington launched Local Home Check last year to give second home residents a way to protect their investment, minimize damage from the unexpected, and deepen their connections to the Hudson Valley.  We checked in with her to learn about her services and why she uses our region’s local currency, […]

Member Spotlight: Barnhouse Creative Consultants

Compiled by Jodi La Marco When Cynthia Lampman first heard about the Hudson Valley Current, she was inspired to start Barnhouse Creative Consultants. Her goal? To offer a service which would allow her to participate in the local economy using local currency. How did the Current inspire you to start your business? When I first […]


Compiled by Jodi La Marco Cori Nichols, founder of Hudson Valley HorsePlay, knows a thing or two about communication. Through her equine workshops, Nichols teaches individuals and groups the importance of empathy and teamwork, and about the rewards such skills can bring. What’s your background? I’ve been a professional horse woman my entire life. That […]


Compiled by Jodi La Marco Eileen Banyra, founder of Community Compost Company, has always understood the importance of soil. “As a child, I was interested in organic gardening. I think I had a subscription to organic gardening magazine when I was eight years old. I threatened to rototill my family’s front yard and put in […]

Jerry Brady of MacDiagnostic

Compiled by Jodi La Marco Jerry Brady of MacDiagnostic does more than just fix Macs. Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution is becoming ubiquitous, which prompted Brady to help clients mitigate or eliminate dirty electricity in their homes. When he can, the entrepreneur also likes to pay it forward—pairing unwanted computers with people in need. How did […]

La Voz Magazine

Compiled by Jodi La Marco La Voz magazine brings high-quality news to a Spanish-speaking audience of roughly 30,000 people. It is also the only Spanish-language print publication in the Mid-Hudson Valley. On Radio Kingston, co-founder of the magazine, Mariel Fiori, hosts a radio show of the same name. We spoke with Fiori to find out […]

Horses for a Change

At Horses for a Change, everyone is welcome. The non-profit provides equine-assisted therapy for those who need it, and riding opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. We spoke with founder and executive director, Nancy Rosen, to find out why she started this unique organization. Why did you found Horses for a Change? I’m […]

Current Member Spotlight: Kim Zang

Kim Zangrando is a graphic designer working and living in Kingston. Known locally for her artistic, band posters (you may have spotted them at The Anchor in Kingston), she recently became a part of the team at the Hudson Valley Current. We spoke to Kim to find out why she decided to start using a […]

HV Current Member Spotlight: Madhuri Therapeutics, Alice Velky

By: Jodi La Marco Alice Velky is a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor, reiki master and craftsperson of home-grown herbal products. See what she has to say about her business, Madhuri Therapeutics, and why she chose to use the Hudson Valley Current. You practice a number of different disciplines. How did you get started and […]

Hope for Hemlocks

“Besides climate change, I consider the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid to be one of the most important ecological problems facing New York forests,” says forest etymologist, Mark Whitmore of Cornell University. The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is an invasive pest easily recognized by the white, “woolly” wax produced by females. Over time, feeding insects will rob a […]

Member Spotlight

The Value of Third Spaces Carthaigh Coffee Caffeinates Community Action Compiled by Jodi La Marco Carthaigh Coffee in Stone Ridge does coffee differently. We spoke with owner Andrew McCarthy to find out what sets his business apart from the rest. What made you want to open Carthaigh Coffee? We unofficially opened on Memorial Day last […]

Member Spotlight

Taking Care of One’s Skin Conscientiously WEBA Natural Products Works to do No Harm Compiled by Jodi La Marco WEBA Natural Products does skin care right. We sat down with the company’s founder, Lydia Davis, to find out what inspired her to start a planet-conscious skin care company. What does WEBA mean? WEBA stands for Whole […]

Member Spotlight

Life Is Free Weights Further Fitness Fits Valley Lifestyles As Compiled by Jodi La Marco     We caught up with Jamie Dreyer, one half of the husband-and-wife duo who run Further Fitness in Kingston to see what sets their training center apart from the rest of the pack. You originally had a training gym […]

Member Spotlight

Finding New Lives for Old Junk How Beeline Moving Grew to Embrace Currents Compiled by Jodi La Marco Livelihood spoke with Brendan Mullally, owner of Beeline Moving and Hauling to chat about his business and the future of local currency. Tell us how your business got its start.     I was homeless and drunk […]

Member Spotlight

Peace Nation Cafe Operates Mindfully Compiled by Jodi La Marco     We spoke with Noe Declid, owner of Peace Nation Café, to hear what he had to say about his eco-friendly restaurant in Midtown Kingston. Can you describe what you offer at Peace Nation? When did you open for business?     We opened […]

Member Spotlight

An Ambassador For Current Use Sonia Narvaez’s Enthusiasm Is Contagious Compiled by Jodi La Marco We caught up with Sonia Narvaez, Current Ambassador and owner of Socially Passionate Consulting, to hear what she had to say about her newly-launched business and her love of the Hudson Valley Current. Who are you and what do you […]

Member Spotlight

Treating The Whole Of You How Woodstock Healing Arts Uses Its Currents Compiled by Jodi La Marco Woodstock Healing Arts is a wellness center in Woodstock that treats not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Owner Ben Fleischer talks about his new venture and why connecting with community is important. What […]

Member Spotlight

Easing Our Fears Of Money How Joanne Leffeld uses Currents as a Moolah Doula Compiled by Jodi La Marco     Joanna Leffeld, aka the Moolah Doula, helps clients give birth to new lives of financial wellbeing. We caught up with the Current advisory board member to find out how she helps her clients and […]

Member Spotlight

Passionate About a Community’s Food Current member Kaycee Wimbish of YMCA Farm Project’s  Compiled by Jodi La Marco     Kaycee Wimbish, founder of the Kingston YMCA Farm Project, is passionate about her community. Here’s what she had to say about The Hudson Valley Current, and how it ties in with her dream of creating a sustainable […]

From Mini-Golf to Pick-Your-Own

Current Member John Kelder of Kelder’s Farm in Kerhonkson Compiled by Jodi La Marco Known for its mini-golf course, delicious home-grown vegetables, and giant gnome, Kelder’s Farm in Kerhonkson is an institution in the Hudson Valley. We spoke with John Kelder to find out how things have changed during the farm’s 200-year history. How long […]

Member Spotlight: John Clausen, Hygeia Foundation

Current member John Clausen, President/Director of the Hygeia Foundation Compiled by Katie Clayton When did you start the Hygeia Foundation?     In 1977 my friend Clark Easter and I were doing a lot of educating and research involving holistic health. Since the work was charitable we decided to start a tax-exempt public foundation, which […]