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Peas Please

By Jennifer Muck-Dietrich “I eat my peas with honey. I’ve done it all my life. It makes the peas taste funny, but it sticks them to my knife.” –Anonymous author Pisum sativum (both sweet peas with inedible pods, and snow peas—flat pods with small peas inside) is one of the eight Neolithic founder crops (otherwise […]


By Jennifer Muck-Dietrich “Velocius quam asparagi conquantur!” Shouted by Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus to his troops, it translates to “faster than cooking asparagus”—essentially, “get moving already!” Augustus loved asparagus so much he organized an elite military unit called “the asparagus fleet” to procure it for him throughout his empire. He even had his fastest chariots […]


By Jennifer Muck-Dietrich Spinach (spinacia oleracea) in the Amaranthaceae family is native to central and western Asia in the area formerly known as Persia. It germinates in temperatures of 45 to 75 degrees and grows best in the cooler seasons. Higher temperatures causes it to bolt and go to seed much faster and the leaves […]

The Stinking Rose

By Jennifer Muck Dietrich As a relative of the onion, shallot, leek and chive, garlic is the oldest known cultivated crop.  Garlic is believed to be derived from central Asian or Southwestern Siberia. Why it’s called The Stinking Rose is up for debate as it is more closely related to the lily family.  It could […]

No small potatoes

By Jennifer Muck-Dietrich There are around 200 varieties of potatoes grown in the United States and 20 million metric tons of potatoes sold. According to Cornell Cooperative Extension, New York State ranks 12th in production with an average of 27,000 acres planted. The yield in NYS alone is $63,000,000. Potatoes rank as the number one […]

Locavore: Squash Dilemma

Globalization has triumphed in the produce aisle. Typically, more than half the fresh fruits and one third of the vegetables in our supermarkets are imported from other countries. But anyone with taste buds knows that just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it tastes good. We are incredibly lucky to be living in one of […]

Fields of New Dreams

Hemp Becomes THE Crop Again By Harry Matthews “The world is changing: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air.” (Geek alert! Though this is the opening quote of Galadriel in the movie version of The Fellowship of the Ring, the words were actually […]