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WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH $1,000,000? Community Fund Taking Shape in Kingston

On February 25, you’re invited to Tilda’s Kitchen to take part in the ninth and final open forum that will help determine the shape of the Kingston Community Fund, an initiative led by the Good Work Institute that aims to help democratize the distribution of wealth in these parts. Initial funding for the fund will […]


The last time the US economy saw high inflation, in the 1970s, President Gerald Ford attempted to rally the country to “Whip Inflation Now.” You could sign a pledge to conserve and cut back and receive a WIN button meant to evoke a sense of WWII-era solidarity.

Venture Fest: SUNY New Paltz

The Venture Fest at SUNY New Paltz on October 13th will be a showcase of many of the makers and innovators in our region. One exciting component of the day-long educational event is the Evergreen Water Solutions Accelerator. The Evergreen Water Solutions Accelerator supports cohorts of early-stage companies addressing water challenges with innovative manufactured products […]

The New Economics: The Age of Capital

Originally published in the April 2012 issue of Country Wisdom News. The new economics is about working toward a way of thinking and acting that is valid for our present day world. To put it ironically, it’s an economics “as if the human race were capable of learning something.” Of course we are capable of […]

Currency Corner: Community Currencies and Universal Basic Income Initiatives

The focus of this issue is alerting readers to current activities regarding Universal Basic Income Initiatives (UBIs) and growing interest in including Community Currencies, like our Current, in these initiatives. UBIs, in their purest form, provide every adult with a regular government paid fixed income. The basic income payment does not require that a person […]

Beneath the Minimum Wage – Meta-Discussion Centers Again on Equity

By Paul Smart In the mid-1990s, following a headline-making war of words and legal maneuvers between New York City and several dozen Catskill area towns and counties over environmental regulations geared towards maintenance of the world’s largest unfiltered municipal water system, a side discussion emerged about how much to pay upstate workers. The city and […]

Emergency measures: Ulster County all in on climate action agenda

By Anne Pyburn Craig On March 29, it was announced that Ulster County had joined the Climate Reality Project’s County Climate Coalition, the first county in New York to agree to implement results-oriented measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accord with the 2015 United Nations Paris Climate Agreement On June 9, Pat Ryan will […]

Aiming Towards Community Solar – Economics Shape Our Energy Abilities

By Paul Smart Where does solar power stand these days, two years plus into a time of reversing energy trends? Talking to folks around the Hudson Valley, looking at solar projects big and small, we’ve noticed shifts in attitudes. But also challenges tied to deeper economic and societal trends. We still know a number of […]

GENTRIFICATION BLUES: Does It All Come Down To Class?

By Paul Smart gen•tri•fi•ca•tion: the process of repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses in a deteriorating area (such as an urban neighborhood) accompanied by an influx of middle-class or affluent people and that often results in the displacement of earlier, usually poorer residents. As a longtime resident of the Hudson Valley, and New York State, I’ve […]

Community Cash Flow

Local Currencies Can Keep Dollars in a Neighborhood By Ron Kim  Every day, more and more family-owned small businesses facing high rents, minimum wage increases, elimination of tip wages and unreachable mandates are shutting down and leaving New York. As a son of immigrant parents who ran a 24/7 grocery store throughout my childhood, this […]

The Yardavore

Microgreen Bucks by Maria Reidelbach     Well, here we are again, the coldest, darkest part of the year, with nothing to look forward to but February. I think it’s my eyes that are the most deprived, starved to see something verdant. But I’d also love to eat something green, ideally homegrown. In past winters […]

Positive News Briefs & Opportunities

Research shows that we start to become what we focus on in life. Check out the wonderful things our neighbors are up to. New REDC Funding Announced The state announced more than $755 million in economic and community development funding through its Regional Economic Development Council initiative just before the holidays, with the Hudson Valley […]

New Economy News

Small Businesses Are the Heart of the Local Economy Time To Apply For Some Heating Help      It’s home heating assistance season throughout New York State, when the Home Energy Assistance Program will be making $327 million in federal funding available to eligible older New Yorkers and low- and moderate-income New Yorkers to help […]

New Economy News

Small Businesses Are the Heart of the Local Economy Amazon Comes To The Hudson?     Everyone’s been following the hoopla around Amazon’s search for a new headquarters. We’ve heard great pitches for Detroit and Pittsburgh, and even old manufacturing centers in the Northeast. Now we’ve learned that New York is putting forth several options, […]

New Economy News

Small Businesses Are The Heart of the New Economy Bringing Hudson Valley Farm Goods To The City     Talk about the ways in which the Hudson Valley works with New York City and beyond:  $2,484,746 in federal funding has been allocated for the New York State Greenmarket Regional Food Hub that will allow GrowNYC to move […]

New Economy News

Small Businesses Are the Heart of the Local Economy   Learning How To Transform Our World     Transforming Our World: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is an interactive and participatory workshop being held the afternoon of Sunday, September 17 at Lifebridge Sanctuary outside of Rosendale and featuring conversation about the local relevance of the UN’s […]

New Economy News

Small Businesses are the Heart of the New Economy Growers Association Launches New Era Since its formation as a small, farmer-led group in 2003, the Rondout Valley Growers Association has been providing a voice for local farming. This month, the influential organization of local agriculturalists will be making a major shift as its executive director […]

Positive News Briefs

Research shows that we start to become what we focus on in life. Check out the wonderful things our neighbors are up to. Solar Eclipse On August 21!   Solar eclipses have been known to change history as well as individual lives. Although our area will be getting only a three-quarters view of the total eclipse […]