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WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH $1,000,000? Community Fund Taking Shape in Kingston

On February 25, you’re invited to Tilda’s Kitchen to take part in the ninth and final open forum that will help determine the shape of the Kingston Community Fund, an initiative led by the Good Work Institute that aims to help democratize the distribution of wealth in these parts. Initial funding for the fund will […]


I came home last fall after ten years away, amidst a huge life emergency, and the minute our tires hit Catskills pavement I knew in my core that we’d be okay, and I was right. As sure as the river keeps flowing and the mountain winds blowing, there’s a broad, deep and wide Current of […]


The last time the US economy saw high inflation, in the 1970s, President Gerald Ford attempted to rally the country to “Whip Inflation Now.” You could sign a pledge to conserve and cut back and receive a WIN button meant to evoke a sense of WWII-era solidarity.

Midtown Talking: Room for Growth?

Does the Kingston population have room for growth? Midtown Lively hit the streets to hear from neighbors. We appreciate and value what the Midtown community is saying. Here are some of their opinions:

Book Review: Put Your Money Where Your Life Is

“As so many Americans feel powerless to confront a financial system designed to serve the few, Shuman offers us real choices: tools that align our lives with our values. That’s power. I love this highly readable, timely, surprising book.”  —Frances Moore Lappé, author of Daring Democracy and Diet for a Small Planet  Americans agree on […]

Local Economics: Putting “Made in the Hudson Valley” Back on the Worldwide Map

Once upon a time, the Hudson Valley was famous for making things: bricks in Kingston, cars in Tarrytown, natural cement in Rosendale, antennas in Ellenville and much, much more. And for about forty years in the late 20th century, the landscape and economy in many areas were largely dominated by IBM, the company that drove […]

Currency Corner: Promoting Environmental Goals with Complementary Currencies

In this edition of “Currency Corner,” we explore how community currencies can promote sustainability and healthy communities.  A currency can function as a savings and reward system where credits can be earned when citizens participate in environmentally sustainable activities such as switching to a green energy provider or bringing waste to a local recycling center. […]

New Economics: Civil Credit and Civil Money

Published in Country Wisdom News, February 2012 issue Right around now is a great time to be interested in alternative economic thinking. The uncertainties and injustices we are all going through have created a lot of motivation for new thinking and new directions of action. A lot of smart people are getting involved and working […]

Currency Corner: Community Currencies and Universal Basic Income Initiatives

The focus of this issue is alerting readers to current activities regarding Universal Basic Income Initiatives (UBIs) and growing interest in including Community Currencies, like our Current, in these initiatives. UBIs, in their purest form, provide every adult with a regular government paid fixed income. The basic income payment does not require that a person […]

Black Women-Owned Business Directory: Part 2

In 2017, the Institute for Policy Studies and Prosperity Now published a report stating that “if the racial wealth divide is left unattended,” then the median wealth for black Americans will fall to $0 by 2053.  But that was before COVID-19. Given how the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated American inequality, that day may come […]

It’s All in the Flow: Creative Pandemic Responses Around Our Valley

Farewells are tough. Change is tough. And if tough times make tough people, well, we’re getting to be a pretty tough bunch. Not tough as in hard and dried up—tough as in strong and adaptable. Wiser. The world is coming into focus in new ways.  People planning weddings have chafed at gathering limits and then […]

The Currency Corner: We are ALL Assets!

By: Dr. Michael B. Marks and Dr. Leanne Ussher  In the inaugural issue of “The Currency Corner,” we described the Hudson Valley Current (HVC), and the importance of joining this local ecosystem of exchanges in order to promote local businesses, and ensure their growth and survivability—especially during the pandemic. We noted that through a closed […]

Paddle Your Own Canoe: How Currents Liberate Our Local Wealth

Austria was in a bad way in 1932. There was sometimes-violent political turmoil in the 1920s even before the Great Depression hit, and in 1931, the largest bank in the country failed as the country slid toward fascism. In the small town of Wörgl, 20 miles from the German border, Mayor Michael Unterguggenberger had immediate […]

Building Abundance: Been To the Digital Resilience Market Yet?

If you’ve ever considered becoming a Hudson Valley Current member and then thought, “but what could I buy with an alternative local currency, anyway?” You owe it to yourself to take a look at the Digital Resilience Market. First established in March as an economic and supply chain stabilizer for Kingston, Ulster County, and the […]

ARE WE THE NEW TECH VALLEY? Some Hints & Warnings For Our Future

By Paul Smart A southern Hudson Valley startup looking to better safety and efficiency in our airline industry, has started focusing its innovations on a new software program that makes renewable energy even more cost-effective than ever, in the hybrid markets many are looking to spur our move away from fossil fuels. A Capital District […]

Harvesting Our Valley’s New Ag Future – Hudson Valley Startup Funds Consolidated Harvest

By Paul Smart You know agriculture’s shifted when it becomes the apple in the eye of key investment firms. Take Hudson Valley Startup Fund’s recent announcement of its decision to invest in Consolidated Harvest Company LLC, following earlier investments in a variety of innovative online businesses and a shrimp farm, among other regional entities. Consolidated […]

Beneath the Minimum Wage – Meta-Discussion Centers Again on Equity

By Paul Smart In the mid-1990s, following a headline-making war of words and legal maneuvers between New York City and several dozen Catskill area towns and counties over environmental regulations geared towards maintenance of the world’s largest unfiltered municipal water system, a side discussion emerged about how much to pay upstate workers. The city and […]

Emergency measures: Ulster County all in on climate action agenda

By Anne Pyburn Craig On March 29, it was announced that Ulster County had joined the Climate Reality Project’s County Climate Coalition, the first county in New York to agree to implement results-oriented measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accord with the 2015 United Nations Paris Climate Agreement On June 9, Pat Ryan will […]

Aiming Towards Community Solar – Economics Shape Our Energy Abilities

By Paul Smart Where does solar power stand these days, two years plus into a time of reversing energy trends? Talking to folks around the Hudson Valley, looking at solar projects big and small, we’ve noticed shifts in attitudes. But also challenges tied to deeper economic and societal trends. We still know a number of […]

Building a Farming System Fit for the Future

By Martin Kirk Farming is not for the faint of heart. It requires passion, dedication, perseverance, and a lot of ingenuity. This is especially true if you are not just trying to be successful as a stand-alone farmer but also help transform the very way we do farming to make it more just, equitable, and […]

Making it: Maker Spaces offer tools, tech and know-how to all

By Anne Pyburn Craig Back in pre-industrial times, making things was the stuff of daily life, a way to generate personal wealth. Mass production, handy as it may be in some instances, created an artificial situation in which we were expected to feed ourselves by making things others decided everyone needed and letting them keep […]

GENTRIFICATION BLUES: Does It All Come Down To Class?

By Paul Smart gen•tri•fi•ca•tion: the process of repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses in a deteriorating area (such as an urban neighborhood) accompanied by an influx of middle-class or affluent people and that often results in the displacement of earlier, usually poorer residents. As a longtime resident of the Hudson Valley, and New York State, I’ve […]

City Lessons For Rural Areas – Resiliency Is A Nonpartisan Concept

By Paul Smart Want an example of the true surrealism of modern times? It seems that the best answers for the rural marginalization and malaise that many blame for the rise of populist reactionary politics in recent years are urban in origin. Now that over half the world’s population lives in cities (and about 80 […]

Investing In Us

What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Pet and health problems, creative projects, and once again a few campaigns that seem perfect for our area: SHELTER FOR THE SENIOR DOGS is the name of Paws Unlimited Foundation’s $15,000 campaign on Gofundme.com for the creation of a space for older dogs who have […]

Hands Up, Not Handouts

How Habitat Emboldens New Homeowners By Jodi La Marco There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Habitat for Humanity. Founded in 1976, the non-profit was brought into the spotlight when former President Jimmy Carter became involved with the group in the 1980s. Though based on Christian principals, Habitat’s mission is not to execute a […]

Local Liz’s Field Notes

We believe there’s more than enough wealth to go around… and we’re here to prove it. We’ve all heard the story before. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. The cost of living is going up. One month your revenue is through the roof. The next, you’re scrambling to make rent. Maybe you want […]

Community Cash Flow

Local Currencies Can Keep Dollars in a Neighborhood By Ron Kim  Every day, more and more family-owned small businesses facing high rents, minimum wage increases, elimination of tip wages and unreachable mandates are shutting down and leaving New York. As a son of immigrant parents who ran a 24/7 grocery store throughout my childhood, this […]

Investing in Us

The Current’s Curated Crowdsourcing List What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Pet and health problems, creative projects, and once again a few campaigns that seem perfect for our area: P&T Surplus has been in business for decades, offering up a wide assortment of hardware materials—including piles of wild rejects—that has drawn homeowners […]


Hudson Valley Challenges The Corporate World  By Tola Brennan     Localism is about as close as you’ll get to a full-fledged utopian vision these days.     For the uninitiated, it can seem like little more than the slogan “buy local,” a phrase now adopted by Walmart and other grocery store chains.     […]

The Current’s Curated Crowdsourcing List

What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Lots of pleas for help, worthy humanitarian causes, and a few nifty ideas. Here are a few campaigns that caught our eye:     The Hudson Valley Rice Project at Ever-Growing Family Farm is the brainchild of husband and wife team Nfamara Badjie and Dawn Hoyte, who are bringing […]

Bursting the Crypto Bubble

A Big Difference Between Local Currency By Chris Hewitt When Bitcoin was originally released, everyone was calling it a currency. In a way, it can be thought of as a currency (if it allows for trades to be made), but the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) no longer consider […]

Member Spotlight

Life Is Free Weights Further Fitness Fits Valley Lifestyles As Compiled by Jodi La Marco     We caught up with Jamie Dreyer, one half of the husband-and-wife duo who run Further Fitness in Kingston to see what sets their training center apart from the rest of the pack. You originally had a training gym […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

The Front Lines of Education Hudson Valley P-Tech Leads The Way By Jodi La Marco      Known as P-Tech, the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy is cultivating a new generation of local, skilled workers. Through P-Tech, students who may not have had an opportunity to earn a college diploma are given the chance to obtain […]

Governing With Purpose

How Policy Changes Impact Our Landscape By Anne Pyburn Craig     Call it the art of intentional consequences. Changes in policy implemented by governing bodies and executives impact our lives in hundreds of ways, some of them scary (net neutrality, anyone?) and some of them refreshing.     Some policy decisions have unintended unfortunate […]

The Basic Economics of Food

Sharing With CSAs and Food Banks By Paul Smart     We’ve entered the season of shared meals, of giving food. It’s also that time of year when those of us with a locavore bent start looking around for new sources of fresh veggies that don’t involve long journeys to market in refrigerated shipping containers. […]

Member Spotlight

Treating The Whole Of You How Woodstock Healing Arts Uses Its Currents Compiled by Jodi La Marco Woodstock Healing Arts is a wellness center in Woodstock that treats not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Owner Ben Fleischer talks about his new venture and why connecting with community is important. What […]

Laws Of The Land

  The Effect Of State Ag Regulations By Anne Pyburn Craig     Farming has been a vital part of the Hudson Valley economy for generations, supplying food for the tri-state metro area and beyond. A lot of hungry people means a large market. But neighboring a vast population center also means development pressure that’s […]

Some Things Are Tradeable Forever

Going Back To Seed By Paul Smart     Seeds are big. As locavore agriculture grows in both the rural and more urban stretches of the Hudson Valley, people want them. They grow seeds, trade them, and even build up new businesses around seeds. Seeds are a key political subject. They’re again key to local […]

Economies Built on Trust

The Micro- & The Macro-Story of Airbnb By Paul Smart     There’s been much talk about Airbnb in the Hudson Valley of late. Counties are arguing about how to draw taxes from it, as they do from hotels, motels, and old-style bed and breakfast establishments. Towns are worried about liability in situations where the […]

Member Spotlight

Passionate About a Community’s Food Current member Kaycee Wimbish of YMCA Farm Project’s  Compiled by Jodi La Marco     Kaycee Wimbish, founder of the Kingston YMCA Farm Project, is passionate about her community. Here’s what she had to say about The Hudson Valley Current, and how it ties in with her dream of creating a sustainable […]

Positive News Briefs

Research shows that we start to become what we focus on in life. Check out the wonderful things our neighbors are up to. Solar Eclipse On August 21!   Solar eclipses have been known to change history as well as individual lives. Although our area will be getting only a three-quarters view of the total eclipse […]

Valley Visitors

Tourists Love To Love the Hudson Valley By Anne Pyburn Craig     Unless you live at the end of a dead-end road and do all your business online, you’ve probably noticed that our part of the world gets more visitors every year. Even if you do live at the end of that dead end […]

Livelihood Member Spotlight

Learning To Love What’s Natural David Brownstein talks about Current member Wild Earth Compiled by Jodi La Marco Wild Earth offers nature-based programs for kids, adults, and families. From parent-tot programs to winter overnight teen camping trips, the 501(c)3 nonprofit’s innovative approach to learning is all about cultivating character, confidence, passion, and perseverance in its participants. […]