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Local Economics: Putting “Made in the Hudson Valley” Back on the Worldwide Map

Once upon a time, the Hudson Valley was famous for making things: bricks in Kingston, cars in Tarrytown, natural cement in Rosendale, antennas in Ellenville and much, much more. And for about forty years in the late 20th century, the landscape and economy in many areas were largely dominated by IBM, the company that drove […]

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

What is an inclusive and sustainable social pact? We are in a decade that demands solutions and changes from all. Many bet on innovation and a better infrastructure to improve the quality of life and generate sustainable and inclusive growth. The United Nations, bets too. In fact, it wants to fulfill these objectives, in nine […]

What Many Black Business Women Need Right Now

Over the past six months, we’ve seen our social, political, and economic structures falter under the weight of this pandemic. Where the federal government failed, state and county officials have tried to ease our communities suffering. But digging deeper into the stories of the business owners featured in the first installment of our Black Woman-Owned […]

Hudson Valley Black Women-Owned Business Directory: Part One

From personal wealth disparities and a lack of access to business capital to disproportionate effects of COVID-19 along racial and gender lines, black women entrepreneurs have an intersectional disadvantage in today’s marketplace. They are also a critical key to boosting our local economy.  As Geri Stengel pointed out in Forbes, “if women-of-color matched the number […]

ARE WE THE NEW TECH VALLEY? Some Hints & Warnings For Our Future

By Paul Smart A southern Hudson Valley startup looking to better safety and efficiency in our airline industry, has started focusing its innovations on a new software program that makes renewable energy even more cost-effective than ever, in the hybrid markets many are looking to spur our move away from fossil fuels. A Capital District […]

Making it: Maker Spaces offer tools, tech and know-how to all

By Anne Pyburn Craig Back in pre-industrial times, making things was the stuff of daily life, a way to generate personal wealth. Mass production, handy as it may be in some instances, created an artificial situation in which we were expected to feed ourselves by making things others decided everyone needed and letting them keep […]

Member Spotlight

Finding New Lives for Old Junk How Beeline Moving Grew to Embrace Currents Compiled by Jodi La Marco Livelihood spoke with Brendan Mullally, owner of Beeline Moving and Hauling to chat about his business and the future of local currency. Tell us how your business got its start.     I was homeless and drunk […]

Time As The Ultimate Currency

Robert Owen Had It Right 200 Years Ago By Paul Smart     I’m falling in love with the Welsh textile entrepreneur and social utopian Robert Owen. I believe we all should, given the ways he embodies the spirit of social entrepreneurship and mindful economics being touted these days.     Owen is one of […]

Organized Labor, Disorganized Times

How Hudson Valley unions have struggled to evolve   By Anne Pyburn Craig   National union leadership—eight-hundred-pound gorillas like the American Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the largest labor alliance in the US—endorsed Hillary Clinton early on, while a few—postal, transit and communications workers, nurses […]

Cap and Trade Economics

Getting At The Elemental In Another System We Started, Then Abandoned By Paul Smart Not that long ago, “cap and trade” was seen as an across-the-board success story for reining in man’s penchant for pollution. After first becoming law in 1990, as a Bush-era invention under the name “emissions trading,” the idea was noteworthy as […]

Triple Bottom Line Thinking

Interview with Current member Ajax Greene of On Belay Compiled by Katie Clayton   When did you open your business? On Belay Business Advisors was founded in early 2006. At that time the Hudson Valley was not generally engaged with the national Localism and Triple Bottom Line business community. We were one of the leaders […]

Designing A Better World

Compiled by: Katie Clayton     When did you open your business? Was there anything specific that prompted you to start your business at that moment? I started Wish Media in 2014. I love doing graphic design and wanted to focus on helping businesses that do something important for the world and that seem to […]

The Spirit of Enterprise: Social Entrepreneurship Finds Home in the Hudson Valley

Mike Caslin was teaching at Babson College and its sister F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business while simultaneously getting his MBA four years ago when his concept for what is now the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network (GCSEN) first formed. “It was a fusion of three decades of my career,” he says. “I […]

National Initiative Sets Standards for Domestic Workers & Their Employers

As many employees head to an office, construction site, or business for a day’s work, a large portion of the American working class earn their keep working somewhere completely different: in the privacy of someone else’s home. With this unique work environment comes an array of challenges for both employees and their employers; due to […]

A Love for the Land: Kerhonkson Farmers to form Community Land Trust

To Kerhonkson farmers Joan Ewing and Wilton Duckworth, land is an eternal partner in life. Living on a beautiful 18 acre farm complete with a budding tribe of goats and rolling green pastures, the pair knows this all too well. But over the years, they have gradually noticed a change in the way people look […]

Monetized for the Sake of Goodness: Kiva Zip Lends a Hand to Hudson Valley Startups

Ashley Loehr started Sparrowbush Farm in Columbia County nine years ago. She’d fallen for agriculture early on, working summer farm jobs from the age of 16. What she’s built on 98 acres of leased hayfield, pasture, cropland, and woodland is a respected mix of share-owned and farm-market supported product line of vegetables, herbs, flowers, laying […]

Choice of a Lifetime

Helping Kids Decide on Careers by Terence P Ward With changes and challenges in the economic, environmental, and technological realms, it’s becoming more and more important that young people understand how to think about preparing for a career. Having a sense of future career plans helps with decisions from course selection during high school to […]

Expanding to Think Globally

by David McCarthy You have likely heard the saying, “Think globally; act locally.” There’s a lot of wisdom in that. We have a strong localist movement here in the Hudson Valley, and I’m proud to be part of it. The Hudson Valley Current is doing that work—along with many other great organizations—and there’s a lot […]

Raised On Caffeine, Shipping Futures, Fistfights: A Brief History of Wall St.

by Paul Smart Wall Street is more than a symbol of financial power, or one of the key topics of debate  in this year’s election cycle. It’s a place, a legacy, and center to a rollicking segment of modern history. Some say the actual street in the Dutch settlement of lower Manhattan was named for […]

Gradually, Our Futures Become More Than Just Safe Retirement

by Paul Smart Big shifts are taking place in the ways we look at the concept of investment. From a traditional future-financing perspective, where earners find the best ways to set aside funds to afford kids’ education and once-traditional dreams of comfortable retirement, the new buzzword acronyms are SRIs and ESG—Socially Responsible Investments and managed […]

The Hudson Valley Localist

by Kathy Puffer When visiting Hudson Valley Vertical Farms, you’ll see a lot of green. From the leafy greens in our aeroponic greenhouse to the seedlings in grow trays, we show off the verdant color of summer all year long. But there’s one green thing you won’t see a lot of—paper money. That’s because our […]