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The Currency Corner: Community Currency Quiz!

Hello Livelihood and “Currency Corner” Readers! For this month, instead of an article, we will be conducting a “Community Currency Challenge Quiz,” to encourage readers to do their own research and learn about community currencies (CCs).  Below are 20 questions about community currency or related topics. The first person to get all 20 questions correct […]

Currency Corner: Building Trust in Using Currents

In this edition of “Currency Corner,” we discuss the challenge of building trust in using local currency and identify steps to address this challenge.  The challenges of building community trust in using a local currency is not unique to the Current: Currencies around the world face this challenge. For example, in a study of digital […]

Currency Corner: Promoting Environmental Goals with Complementary Currencies

In this edition of “Currency Corner,” we explore how community currencies can promote sustainability and healthy communities.  A currency can function as a savings and reward system where credits can be earned when citizens participate in environmentally sustainable activities such as switching to a green energy provider or bringing waste to a local recycling center. […]

The Currency Corner: An Interview with Dr. Leanne Ussher

An Interview with Dr. Leanne Ussher, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance at Bard College and Local Currency Engineer at Hudson Valley Current. In this edition of “Currency Corner,” Michael Marks interviews the co-author of the monthly column, Dr. Leanne Ussher. Leanne has unique life and professional experiences that we believe readers will find […]

Currency Corner: Community Currencies and Universal Basic Income Initiatives

The focus of this issue is alerting readers to current activities regarding Universal Basic Income Initiatives (UBIs) and growing interest in including Community Currencies, like our Current, in these initiatives. UBIs, in their purest form, provide every adult with a regular government paid fixed income. The basic income payment does not require that a person […]