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Watermark: Look it up

In water law, as in much else, definitions matter. A definition is a formal statement of the meaning or significance of a word or phrase. Definitions set cornerstones and boundaries; they reveal order and bring clarity; they banish the vague and ambiguous. Definitions let us know where we are in the world. The law, which […]

Watermark: Rainfall

by Michael Nunziata “Hope springs eternal,” wrote the poet, as surely as April brings rain. Hope returns this spring to Colorado, where the state legislature considers a bill that would allow residents to set out rain barrels to catch the rain. For the present, however, rain barrels in Colorado remain contraband and any person who […]

Watermark: Just Add Water

by Michael Nunziata My friend Matthew is a Woodstock farmer who cultivates interesting things, among them flowers, earthworms and fig trees. Mostly he grows food that tastes good. Everything he grows he sells in his market. Because he helps to feed his town, Matthew knows his produce must be as pure and wholesome as he […]

Watermark: Frozen Solid

by Michael Nunziata Compared with the extreme weather of last year, this winter in the Mid-Hudson Valley has been a walk in the park so far. Here it is February and we’ve hardly seen snow. Last winter, the ground hid itself under a mattress of snow the day before Thanksgiving and refused to emerge until […]

Watermark: License to Drill

by Michael Nunziata If groundwater has a poster boy, he’s surely James Bond. Agent 007 appreciates the importance of our most valuable resource, and he’s already shed some skin to save it. A few films back, Bond parachuted with a woman through a hole in a mountainside, crash-landing safely in an underground cave strewn with […]

Watermark: Scratching the Surface of New York State’s Water Laws

by Michael Nunziata We cheered the British Crown at a party last month, recalling the autumn day in 1777 when its Navy sailed up the Hudson and its Army burned down Kingston. I paused to thank the Queen for the ice cubes clinking in my glass, a local grant of water descended in straight lines […]