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Under our feet is a 32 square mile swath of limestone stretching from Kingston down to High Falls. And from 1825 till 1910, the earth here gave up sixteen million bags a year of the finest natural cement you could buy. The cement industry literally made the town of Rosendale. Rosendale cement, was used in […]

August Events

2nd Annual DRAW-A-THON!! Join us at the D.R.A.W. Studio on August 6th for a 12-hour drawing marathon! From 10 AM-10 PM we will have the floors, walls and windows of the D.R.A.W. Studio covered with paper and ready for you to draw all over it. We will have artist-led drawing prompts, workshops and, of course, […]


For the first two weeks of summer, I went to summer camp. During summer camp, a group of other camp members and I went on what they called a “mini-trip”. It consisted of backpacking, camping, and eating trail food for three nights and four days. It was a lot of fun, and we had to […]


July 4th Fireworks Display The City of Kingston plans to celebrate the Fourth of July in style with a fireworks display. Sponsored by Ole Savannah and O’Connor & Partners, the fireworks will be set off from a barge in the Rondout Creek and will be visible from TR Gallo Park, just after dark. There will […]


Ah, freedom. It’s a word that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The forest has many different examples of freedom. Birds fly freely wherever they want, and animals that don’t fly can also roam to their hearts desire.  You can also see freedom in the smallest things, like […]


Releasing into Process $35 ($30 for ASK Members) 18 and up. In this class we will allow for spontaneous movement, stillness, and imagination. Using poetic imagery and various sound environments we can cultivate a heightened awareness of our integrated internal and external landscapes, bringing us into the present moment. Through our practice we create the […]

A Late Spring Walk

It’s June now, and the sun is shining. All of the trees have gotten their leaves back, and the grass grows taller every day. The woods seem as welcoming and beautiful as ever, and you go on a little hike to get some fresh air and see the new greenery and flowers all around you. […]

Well, Here We Are: Some Ideas For a Great Hudson Valley Staycation

This 2020 of ours is not looking like the best moment in history for interstate or international travel, which is frustrating. Lots of us have loved ones and favorite places that are temporarily out of reach.  That said, if you’ve gotta be stuck somewhere, there are much worse places than the Hudson Valley. In non-pandemic […]

Living With The Ursine

They Say a Fed Bear is a Dead Bear                By Harry Matthews     Ursus americanus americanus, otherwise known as the eastern black bear, is our local subspecies of the widespread American ursine. As many of us live within its range of habitation it is inevitable that there will be sightings, run-ins, and potentially […]

Casting An Eye Toward Trout

More than a sport, it’s an elegant art  By Harry Matthews     I never knew my mother’s father, let alone her grandfather, both of whom I was always told were avid trout fishermen. One thing I did know of them was the fly fishing gear I was lucky enough to inherit: a beautiful bamboo […]

Valley Visitors

Tourists Love To Love the Hudson Valley By Anne Pyburn Craig     Unless you live at the end of a dead-end road and do all your business online, you’ve probably noticed that our part of the world gets more visitors every year. Even if you do live at the end of that dead end […]

Evergreen Valley: Local Tree Farms Preserve Holiday Tradition

There’s something primal about the urge to bring evergreen into the home as winter begins. The clean, piney scent, the lush color when all other trees have shed their leaves; these feel like reminders that even though the earth is locked in deep freeze, nature is invincible. Warmth and growth will return. This may be […]


The Hudson Valley Trail Network, including the William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail, Walkway Over the Hudson, and the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, is the newest member of Rails-to-Trails Conservatory’s (RTC) Rail Trail Hall of Fame. In a public vote, which was held for 10 days in June, our local trail network received nearly 54 […]

Reclaiming the Rails: Catskill Mountain Railroad to Offer Rail Bike Tours

After a heated struggle in which it seemed the railroad might be lost forever, the Catskill Mountain Railroad (CMRR) and Ulster County have reached an agreement that will preserve the rails while offering visitors a whole new way to ride. The Ulster & Delaware rail corridor, once marketed as “the only all rail route to […]

Take the Kids Exploring

Looking for a different way to tap into the wonders of the region with your children this summer? Here’s a selection of attractions for a variety of ages and interests, ranging from live animals and natural history to appreciation of art and science. The School Kinderhook has played host to a portion of the Jack […]

Land Trusts and Open Spaces: Conserving scenic views and treasured wildlife habitats

by Kristen Warfield   With a history dating back to before the land’s original purchase by French Huguenot settlers from the Lenape Indians in the 17th century, the Phillies Bridge Farm in New Paltz has seen its fair share of human interaction. But despite its bustling nature from now being a working Community Supported Agriculture […]

Meetups Forge New Connections

by Anne Pyburn Craig When Kale Kaposhilin and his friends Dan Stone and  Daniel and Sabrina Schutzsmith decided a little over two years ago to start a meetup group for coders, engineers, web designers, programmers and others involved in the tech universe, they knew they weren’t the only ones around. Still, the group’s explosive growth–there […]

Trout Abound

If you’re itching to tie one on — a lure, that is — and you’re casting about for some healthy trout, DEC wildlife specialists have got your back. Starting in April and continuing through June, they are planning on stocking local waters with nearly 70,000 of the fish to ensure satisfaction for all anglers who […]