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Ever since we humans first cultivated plants, we’ve cursed encroaching weeds. And what were those weeds? The same plants as today, that is, any plants growing where they were not wanted. So along with pigweed and creeping Charlie, self-sown tomato seedlings from last year’s fallen fruits also count as weeds in my garden. The hoes […]


During an entire year, a meager three-hundredths of an inch of rain falls on Arica, Chile, yet halfway across the Pacific in the Hawaiian Archipelago, Mount Waialeale receives a sopping 460 inches. Here in the Hudson Valley, all of northeastern US, in fact, we have a congenial climate for growing plants—at least those plants we […]

Grow Blueberries!!

I contend that anyone who gardens and doesn’t plant blueberries is a fool. Yes, this is a harsh statement, but consider how easy blueberries are to grow. Insect and disease pests are insignificant; pruning needs are minimal. I grow all sorts of common and uncommon fruits, each suffering from the occasional vagaries of pests and […]