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FeedHV: A Simple App Helps Prevent Waste and Heal Hunger

“Finish that plate! Don’t you know that some people are hungry?” It’s one of those staples of child-rearing. But although that last two bites of potatoes are unlikely to impact food insecurity one way or the other (maybe you should have let Ashley fix her own plate, Mom!) the larger issue is valid: food waste […]

Pollinating a Healthy Future: Sustainable Hudson Valley

For two decades, Sustainable Hudson Valley (SHV) has nibbled away at our collective denial and focused on concrete action against climate change—and while no one group or region can possibly take on a problem of that magnitude single-handedly, their numerous projects have helped make the Hudson Valley a leader in eco-friendly practices. And the good […]


By Jodi La Marco In 2015, Beth Davenport was in a colleague’s office when she noticed notes on his whiteboard left over from a previous meeting. “There were all of these ideas about bringing film here, and creating jobs and equal opportunities,” says Davenport. Her colleague explained that the notes came out of a brainstorming […]


By Jodi La Marco The Kingston Stockade Football Club is the Hudson Valley’s very own semi-professional soccer team. Semi-pro teams are made up of amateur players, but don’t let the term “amateur” fool you. “Everyone on the team is either in college or they have another job on the side, but they’re still very skilled […]


By Jodi La Marco Kate McLoughlin has long been a fixture at the Woodstock School of Art. “I came here in 1991 as a student. I took a four-week class,” she says. One four-week class turned into a second and then a third. Within two years of arriving, McLoughlin had quit her day job and […]


By Jodi La Marco “Scenic Hudson’s origin story is really about giving ordinary citizens a voice in shaping their environment,” says senior vice president, Steve Rosenberg. In 1963, Scenic Hudson was formed with the goal of stopping a proposed hydroelectric project on Storm King Mountain. The budding organization’s efforts led to a court case which […]


By Jodi La Marco It was St. Patrick’s Day of 1973, and an anxious high school sophomore named Warren Lawrence was about to do something he’d never done before: he was going to host a radio show. When the overnight DJ at Kingston’s WKNY called in sick, Lawrence accepted an invitation to fill in for […]

Art on the rail trail: Women’s Studio Workshop building a terrace

By Anne Pyburn Craig The Women’s Studio Workshop (WSW) got its start 45 years ago, in a rental on Rosendale’s Main Street. But founders Tatana Kellner and Anita Wetzel soon realized that their idea’s time had come—women artists wanted to come to Rosendale and work with them, and needed space to work and stay. In […]

Rise Up Kingston

By Jodi La Marco Callie Jayne is the founder and executive director of Rise Up Kingston. Created just last March, the non-profit organization is sparking change by helping those hit hardest by inequality. Before working for two years with Citizen Action—the folks who brought us Faso Fridays—Jayne ran a non-profit food pantry. During her time […]

Bard Office of Sustainability

In the 1990s, Bard College turned its eye toward sustainability. Through its Environmental Resources Department, the institution launched a campus recycling program in 1992 and a composting program three years later. These early efforts toward becoming a more eco-conscious institution eventually spawned Bard’s Office of Sustainability. In 2004, Laurie Husted joined the office as its […]

Hands Up, Not Handouts

How Habitat Emboldens New Homeowners By Jodi La Marco There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Habitat for Humanity. Founded in 1976, the non-profit was brought into the spotlight when former President Jimmy Carter became involved with the group in the 1980s. Though based on Christian principals, Habitat’s mission is not to execute a […]

Hudson Valley Pollinators

Taking on the Challenges of Poverty Dutchess Outreach Makes an Impact By Jodi La Marco Since 1974, Dutchess Outreach has been a force for good in the Hudson Valley. From its humble beginnings as the one-woman effort of founder Mary Keeley, the organization now provides food access, emergency financial relief, and advocacy and referral services […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

All About Housing Solutions RUPCO Cares For The Entire Region By Jodi La Marco     Since 1981, RUPCO has been an advocate for affordable housing in the Hudson Valley. “In a nutshell, we create homes, support people, and improve communities across a broad spectrum of community development solutions,” says Tara Collins, Director of Communications […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

Working on Behalf of our Mountains Catskill Center Eyes Its 50th Anniversary By Jodi La Marco     The beauty of the Catskill Mountains has drawn visitors to the region for generations. From New York City residents eager to escape the summer heat to artists in search of inspiration, the area began gaining steam as […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

The Front Lines of Education Hudson Valley P-Tech Leads The Way By Jodi La Marco      Known as P-Tech, the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy is cultivating a new generation of local, skilled workers. Through P-Tech, students who may not have had an opportunity to earn a college diploma are given the chance to obtain […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

Transition, Now Woodstock Maintains The Movement By Jodi La Marco     The Transition Movement was started in 2006 by permaculturist Rob Hopkins in the English town of Totnes. Stressing the need for self-sufficiency in areas such as food and energy production, the idea soon spread to other English towns and to locales overseas, including […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

Jumpstarting A New View Of Economic Progress By Jodi La Marco     “I came to the Hudson Valley in 1995. I think I was the only person who came to Woodstock with a full-time job offer. IBM was pulling out, and the entire valley economy seemed to be collapsing or flipping,” says Melissa Everett, executive […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

The Hudson Valley Film Commission Growing The Local Economy With Entertainment By Jodi La Marco Founded in 2000, the Hudson Valley Film Commission began as part of the Woodstock Film Festival. “The idea was that if we’re going to have a festival where we’re bringing filmmakers from all over the world, we want to make […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

Bringing Produce to the People How Field Goods Changes Business-As-Usual By Jodi La Marco Part delivery service, part CSA, Hudson Valley-based Field Goods is getting locally-grown produce into the hands of consumers in a whole new way. As with a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, customers receive a weekly assortment of fruits and […]

Woodstock Volunteers Day

Recognizing Volunteers as the Start of a Movement By Jodi La Marco     Hundreds of volunteers service the Woodstock area through organizations dedicated to the arts, the elderly, public safety, and more. Groups such as UlsterCorps, the local rescue squad, Bird-On-A-Cliff Theater Company, and the Woodstock Library Board are just a few of the organizations […]

Center for Creative Education

Building Students’ Confidence Through Dance — cce4me.org By Jodi La Marco     Bryant “Drew” Andrews, executive director of the Center for Creative Education, has a passion for dance. In 2002, the choreographer and teacher founded CCE’s Energy Dance Company, an award-winning dance troupe helping at-risk youth explore their latent potential. “Young people pretty much […]

National Young Farmers Coalition

Shepherding A New Ag Movement From The Hudson Valley BY JODI LA MARCO     In 2010, Lindsey Lusher Shute cofounded the National Young Farmers Coalition. Through policy and training, the group strives to help new farmers overcome common challenges, such as acquiring affordable farmland. Lindsey says that the decision to start the organization grew […]

Hudson Valley Pollinators: Wild Hive Farm

Wild Hive Farm produces locally grown and milled flour unlike anything available in most supermarkets. Over his decades-long career, owner Don Lewis has been a baker, miller, retailer, and an educator. His thorough knowledge of all aspects of grain production has led to superior products as well as outreach initiatives that are changing food culture […]

Mother Earth’s Storehouse

Since Chris Schneider first opened the flagship location of Mother Earth’s Storehouse in Kingston 38 years ago, the local health food store chain has become a Hudson Valley institution. The first store opened in the King’s Mall shopping center in 1978, long before the local and organic food trend began to garner mainstream attention. “This […]

The Natural Pet Center

Michele Zigrossi is passionate about nutrition, and holds a bachelors of science in human food nutrition. After working with people for a number of years, her love of animals eventually prompted Michele to shift her focus from human health to pet health. In 2010, The Natural Pet Center in Gardiner opened for business. “Working with […]

Grand Cru Beer & Cheese Market

“I’m in beer,” says Rod Johnson, owner of Grand Cru Beer and Cheese Market in Rhinebeck. The pub opened in May 2010, and was the creation of Culinary Institute of America graduates who happened to be friends of Rod. “I helped them out on weekends and such from 2011 through 2012, and on June 1, […]

Oakwood Friends School Graduate Looks to a Green Future

Beauregard Duval is a pollinator of the future. The University of Vermont freshman is majoring in environmental science, but his interest in the environment began through programs he participated in right here in the Hudson Valley. From grades seven through twelve, Duval attended Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie. “It’s a small Quaker school,” he explains. […]

Little Lambs Academy: Not Just Another Daycare

Kelly Kohler was looking for quality childcare for her own three children when she (quite literally) realized her dream of opening a daycare center. “I had a dream where I opened up a center, and it was beautiful and clean, and every single caregiver was loving, happy, nurturing and caring. It was like a big […]

Prime Print Shop: Putting People Above Profit

Prime Printing in Poughkeepsie isn’t your typical copy shop. Opened during the world-wide economic slump of 2008, the shop survived its first tenuous years by putting people above profits—an approach that has created a strong customer base and allowed the business to thrive. In the late 1990s, owner Daniel Clark was working for a competing […]

Hammond Barn Wood Creations: Where Imperfection is Key

Pine Bush, NY—“It all started off with my wife saying, ‘Dale, I want a coffee table,’” says Dale Hammond, owner of Hammond Barn Wood Creations. Hammond comes from a family with skilled hands—his father was a roofer and carpenter, and his brother was in construction. Be that as it may, he himself had never before […]

Smart Beer: Local Company Serves up New York’s First Organic Beer

NEW PALTZ, NY—Headquartered in New Paltz and produced in Saratoga, Smart Beer is New York’s first and only organic beer company. Since its launch last November, the fledgling brand has seen its distribution rapidly expand. Smart Beer’s IPA and Golden Ale are offered in Westchester, New York City, and Long Island, and this July, the […]

BeaconArts: Nonprofit Hosts Area Artists and Promotes Tourism Scene

BEACON, NY— Last year, Dia in Beacon was host to approximately 85,000 visitors, and the museum’s growing popularity has put its host city on the map as an upstate getaway for those seeking a dose of culture in the Hudson Valley. Beacon’s increasingly hip reputation has also been bolstered by BeaconArts, a non-profit organization created […]

Kingston YMCA Farm project

by Jodi LaMarco The Kingston YMCA Farm project is the brainchild of farmer and educator Kaycee Wimbish and Lee Anne Albritton, the center’s former childcare director. Albritton has since gone across the river to become director of the Poughkeepsie Farm Project, but Wimbish remains at the YMCA, implementing creative programs for kids and providing access […]

Beahive Hudson Valley

by Jodi LaMarco Inspired by a movement known as coworking, Beahive is a place where independent workers can connect with like-minded peers. Working at Beahive has a number of perks. At home, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the cats or the kids, and public spaces such as coffee shops can be equally distracting. In […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator: Rondout Valley Organics Member Goods

By Jodi LaMarco   “You think of food deserts as urban areas that don’t have grocery stores, but there are also rural areas that are food deserts,” says Katie Scott-Childress, director of the Olive Library. “Olive happens to be one of them.” The Town of Olive sits right beside the Ashokan Reservoir, where natural beauty abounds, […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator: Poughkeepsie Farm Project

by Jodi LaMarco   Situated on 15 acres in the heart of the city, the Poughkeepsie Farm Project is changing the way people think about their food. Not only does PFP serve as a local CSA, it also offers a kaleidoscope of programs for children, educators, and the community at large. Through a grant from […]

The Cary Institute

by Jodi LaMarco The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is an independent research center that has been tackling regional and global environmental problems for more than 30 years. Scientists at the institute in Millbrook have investigated issues ranging from the health of the Hudson River watershed to climate change. Combined with a stellar community outreach […]

Westwind Orchard

In the 1990s, Italian-born Fabio Chizzola was living in New York City when he began making trips upstate to rock climb in the Shawangunk Mountains. When the attraction of the Hudson Valley became too strong to resist, Fabio and his wife Laura Ferrara went looking for a house here. Instead, they found a farm. As […]

One Nature

At the One Nature plant nursery, they can trace the genetic lineage of their native and edible plant species down to the watershed, allowing them to protect and promote hyper-local varieties of plants while preserving biodiversity. All the plants are grown at Windfall Farms, using beyond-organic practices—no herbicides or pesticides here. Bryan Quinn, photo courtesy […]

Radio Woodstock

In 1970, Richard Fusco moved to Woodstock from New York City to help his friend convert the burnt out shell of a building into what would eventually become legendary rock lounge The Joyous Lake. One day, fiddling with the FM dial, Richard discovered he could listen to the audio stream of the Woodstock public access […]

Three Sisters Herbals

Motherhood is a powerful rite of passage. The upwelling of nurturing maternal instincts has the capacity to stir visceral responses in mommas-to-be. When Kim Mule was pregnant with her first child she got one of these wake-up calls. “I had a big epiphany and totally changed the way I was eating. I wanted to set […]

EAIA: Preserving our Nation’s Tools and Trades

by Anne Pyburn Craig Handmade is in, big time. Crafters, makers, and artisans of all sorts are coming back into a richly deserved spotlight as the creators of beautiful and durable things that are artifacts of a whole different dimension than the mass production items that come to us packaged in hard plastic and wire, […]

Earthgoods: Hyde Park

From corporate finance to health food—it’s not exactly the professional trajectory one would expect. In 1994, Clement Lau came to the US from Singapore for college. After graduating, he ended up at a firm on Wall Street, handling mergers and acquisitions for huge corporations. Clement Lau and friends at the new Hyde Park Earthgoods  location.  […]

Ulster Savings Bank

In 1851, a few local Rondout Valley businessmen decided to pool their money at start a bank in the Stockade District of Kingston. They felt a bank would benefit business and the local community, so they made one. These days it isn’t quite that simple to open a financial institution, but it is about that […]

Jenkinstown Motors

Scott Cullen takes a customer phone call. Scott Cullen’s hands have been tinkering with machinery for as long as he can remember. He got his first car when he was just 14 years old. Coming from a family of business owners as he did—his father owned Rexall Chemist in New Paltz—no one raised an eyebrow […]

Urth Arts

 “To me the coolest thing about Urth Arts is not just making art, but turning other people on to making art—how fun it is. You don’t have to be a great artist to make art…I love when people go ‘Oh, it’s ok?’ Yeah, it’s ok. Or ‘This is a guilty pleasure.’ No, it’s just a […]

The Big Cheese

by Marie Doyon These days, Main Street Rosendale is the picture of pastel perfection—colorful, well kempt storefronts beckon with the iconic trestle silhouetted in the background.  When Yuval and Lisa Sterer bought the building where the Big Cheese now lives (about 12 years ago), Rosendale was very different. Lisa recalls, “This building became available, and […]

VCEE COOP: A Cooperative Approach to Environmental Problem Solving

by Terence P Ward    Driving through the city and adjacent town of Poughkeepsie, it may be hard to imagine that there’s a nature preserve of well over 400 acres hidden behind that urban landscape, but it’s true. In fact, the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve property is 527 acres attached to the eponymous college, […]

Mike Caslin, GCSEN

When Michael Caslin was delivering newspapers, shoveling snow, and mowing lawns as a boy in Queens, NY, he couldn’t have known that one day he’d be inspiring entrepreneurs to reach for their goals and achieve them. Mike founded the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network (GCSEN) to accelerate social entrepreneurship in higher education through innovative […]