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On Villaging: Beacon 4 Black Lives

I would have attended the first and second Beacon 4 Black Lives protests—on June second and June sixth—if I’d known about them beforehand. Word, it seemed, had spread largely via Instagram, with which I rarely interact—and lockdown had dramatically cut back on my chances of gleaning vital news from casual conversation. The week of June […]

On Villaging: Is the US Too Big to Succeed?

This July Fourth, the United States will turn 244. You might choose to celebrate, with fireworks and other explosives. I prefer not to—partly because I hate big bangs, and partly because I take no pride in our supposed independence. I’m not sure what this country is for, or why it endures. Whom it serves, whom […]

On Villaging: Fertile Uncertainty

When I got married in 2011, I felt ambivalent about having children. Mashing up the worst of what I’d witnessed in my own and other families, I imagined that—having aborted my nascent writing career—I would turn into a harried ball of fury, barely able to meet my little ones’ incessant demands for attention, care, cash, […]

On Villaging: Books vs. Toilet Paper

When the music stopped—when the library closed and Beacon Natural Market ran out of toilet paper—I had fourteen library books and four rolls of Seventh Generation two-ply. More than a month later, I still have those fourteen books (four of them unread) and—thanks to strategic placement and careful rationing—the same four rolls (albeit greatly diminished […]

On Villaging: World Made by Hand

In James Howard Kunstler’s 2008 novel, World Made by Hand, the people of the Hudson Valley are struggling: vast numbers have died of influenza; others have succumbed to encephalitis; still others have left Union Grove (a fictitious town in Kunstler’s own Washington County) in search of something better, and—in the absence of telephone, postal, or […]