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Dear Livelihood Magazine,  I’d like to first of all express my gratitude and congratulations to Livelihood for publishing the first and only article out there offering a fairly well-balanced perspective on the passage of S2994 and the issue of vaccine choice. Bravo.  The author makes it clear she understands one of the foundational issues that […]

Letter to the editor

On behalf of the Town of Rochester Food Pantry, I would like to thank Zali Win and the members of the Rochester Residents Association for their unfailing financial support.  Each year the appeal by the Association, brings in enough to keep us operating throughout the year.   This year, we received more than 115 donations […]

Letters to the Editor

Do NOT Mix These Elements…     I just read “Living with the Ursine,” [CWN, September 2017] and I enjoyed the article, but I felt the need to tell you of a serious problem I read in the article. Mr. Matthews wrote that he poured bleach and then ammonia into the garbage bags and then […]

Letters to the Editor

A Plastic Bag Law In Marbletown?     The need is clear. When well-intentioned people recycle plastic bags along with other plastics, the bags snag on recycling equipment.  Then the system must stop periodically and bags are removed by hand.  Bags also clog storm drains and sewage systems, where they must be manually removed before […]

Letters to the Editor

The Road To The Hudson Valley’s Solar Future         Since the beginning of the year, in the Hudson Valley as well as throughout the state, many municipalities issued moratoriums on solar developers’ plans to lease land in those jurisdictions for the purpose of building solar arrays. Because Governor Cuomo, through his Reforming […]