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Until about a hundred years ago, humans harvested their grains, tied them into sheaves, and left them in the field until the grain was needed. Exposed to weather, inevitably at least some of the grain would begin to sprout. Then just a byproduct of harvest, sprouted grain is now a health-food trend that has continuously […]


Dreams are something that we all know about, no matter our age, language, or nationality. Dreams are a part of everyday life, and when we rest our heads and fall asleep, they always happen. For some reason dreams are difficult to remember, but nonetheless, they always are a very unique experience. Whether it could happen […]

Local Liz’s Field Notes

We believe there’s more than enough wealth to go around… and we’re here to prove it. We’ve all heard the story before. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. The cost of living is going up. One month your revenue is through the roof. The next, you’re scrambling to make rent. Maybe you want […]

Currencies Grow When Decentralized

Cities Used To Have Their Own Money By Mark Griffith     How many currencies does the world need? Actually, let’s make this more concrete. The euro was a colossal bet on the proposition that Europe, at any rate, needs only one. You will have noticed that the experiment is going badly. And why is […]