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City Mouse, Country Mouse: Building and Unbuilding

Image: Yoko Ono. “Mend Piece, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York City version,” 1966/2015. Ceramic, glue, tape, scissors, twine. Installation dimensions variable. Courtesy Rennie Museum. Photo: Blaine Campbell. One of my congregants, summering now in the Catskills, remembers an art piece Yoko Ono did at Judson during the Iraq War. My congregant is contemplating what most […]

Forward to the New Normal

Nostalgia is not just another “algia”, like neuralgia or fibromyalgia. It is fun until it is not. Imagining the good old days right now could be dangerous to the truth. While February may have been better than April in this year, February was also not as great as we imagined it was. I prefer social […]