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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Kimmunity Kombucha

Nobody’s really sure who brewed up the first batch of kombucha; it may even have been a happy accident, but it was a long time ago. It was as early as the third century BCE, during China’s Qin Dynasty. It was discovered that tea, sugar and specific strains of yeast and bacteria came together in […]


Glorious is a luscious word. It fits the big things, like a perfect skyscape or a reunion with someone you love. According to Oxford Languages, though, that’s its second meaning, “having a striking beauty or splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration.” The first meaning, “having, worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration,” is trickier. […]

MIDTOWN TALKING: What does the word “glory” spark in you?

A philosophical question we’d like to discuss. Midtown Lively hit the streets to hear from neighbors and visitors. We appreciate and value what the Midtown community is saying. Here are some of their opinions: I honestly think of it in a negative connotation, because it feels very war like. It gives me themes of dominance. I think […]

LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER: The many tones of glory

Vienna church exterior

I grew up going to church religiously. My parents made us kids do it, right up until we headed off to college. The word “glory” was peppered throughout the church hymns, but it also came through in patriotism, featured highly in The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  As we dive a bit deeper into the […]

The New Economics: Virtues of the Old Economy

Originally published in the December 2013 issue of Country Wisdom News.  This might be a bit of a surprising topic, especially if you read last month’s column in which I talked about the “old economics, in which money is king, competition can be brutal, human values are ignored, and the environment is not even on […]

Summer Salad Recipe

Originally published in the August 2011 issue of CWN.  In the baking Hudson Valley summer days, one cannot help but notice the beautiful crop of vegetables and fruits lining the winding roads. From perfectly sweet peppers to the full and almost floral flavor of a vine-ripened summer squash, our area is an abundant cornucopia of […]

The New Economics: Elemental Economics

The matrix of ideas and attitudes about economics is perhaps a bit like soil. Various soils are more or less fertile, and soil can also be degraded through overuse—or contaminated, as we see with modern-day industrial farming. In the same way, our economic thought systems have great potential for understanding, but are clouded by culture, […]

The New Economics: The Age of Capital

Originally published in the April 2012 issue of Country Wisdom News. The new economics is about working toward a way of thinking and acting that is valid for our present day world. To put it ironically, it’s an economics “as if the human race were capable of learning something.” Of course we are capable of […]

Home Remedies for the Common Cold

By Rochelle Riservato Published in Country Wisdom News, February 2013 issue In order to properly address a medical issue, such as The Common Cold, we must first obtain a proper definition of such to know what we’re dealing with. Medically defined as a viral infection of the upper respiratory system, a common cold affects the […]

New Economics: Civil Credit and Civil Money

Published in Country Wisdom News, February 2012 issue Right around now is a great time to be interested in alternative economic thinking. The uncertainties and injustices we are all going through have created a lot of motivation for new thinking and new directions of action. A lot of smart people are getting involved and working […]

A History of Valentine’s Day

Published in Country Wisdom News, February 2012 Ever wonder exactly how the modern Valentine’s Day got its original start? Well, so have a lot of other people. The fact is, no one is exactly sure about the real origin behind the holiday, though there are a number of plausible theories. And no one is really […]

Get Ready for Winter Greens

A cold frame garden bed can house a variety of fresh veggies Reprint: Originally published in September 2010 in the original issue of Country Wisdom News The first frost touches your nose and the nostalgia for fresh tomatoes, lettuces, squash, and cabbage floods the mind. Why must it all end? Why must my beautiful garden […]

Tours, Tastings, and More!

Nestled between the Shawangunk Mountains and the majestic Hudson River in Ulster and Orange counties, the 80-mile-long Shawangunk Wine Trail boasts a unique combination of spectacular scenery, memorable restaurants and shops, and of course, fine wines. The wineries along the Trail are as varied as the wines themselves. You will find wines ranging from bone […]

The Lesson in Rural Electrical Cooperation

By Paul Smart Think your broadband’s bad? Worried about the political battles over net access, let alone net neutrality? How about we all step back a century to the early summer of 1918, when only 35 percent of American households had electricity, mostly in cities, and less that 3 percent of our 6 million or so […]

Time Traveling To Other Health Worlds

Good Living Involves Healthcare & Socializing by Jennifer Brizzi My recent trip to Scotland and Turkey felt a bit like time travel, the former to the future, the latter to the past. Although my journey was to research seafood for food and travel articles, as a writer on health topics I found it interesting to […]

Investing In Us

What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Pet and health problems, creative projects, and once again a few campaigns that seem perfect for our area: SHELTER FOR THE SENIOR DOGS is the name of Paws Unlimited Foundation’s $15,000 campaign on Gofundme.com for the creation of a space for older dogs who have […]

Spreading the News Through Association

By Paul Smart With all the questions surrounding journalism these days, including the spurious charges about “fake news,” many are wondering what the Associated Press is. Turns out that, historically speaking, what’s now known as the AP — the world’s largest news-gathering outfit, and a non-profit unincorporated cooperative — was started in reaction to technological […]

The Locavore

Seeds of Change   From garden to agribusiness? by Harry Matthews Despite a seemingly endless winter, spring is in fact here, and with it comes a dizzying multitude of ideas for those of us gardeners who have spent these past cold months fantasizing about what we might do differently in our this season. Plant more? […]

County Events

ULSTER COUNTY Women’s Woodstock Cycling Grand Prix. A grand race benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Ulster County and Woodstock Fire Department, in four parts. May 4-5. In Woodstock and Shandaken. www.womenswoodstockcycling.com. SUNY Ulster Choral and Guitar Ensemble Concert. A grand annual event in SUNY Ulster’s Quimby Theater, Stone Ridge. May 4. 7:30pm. Handwriting […]


How Is A Nation’s Greatness Measured? By Chris Hewitt My dad was on life support last month in Florida (he’s getting much better now), and I wanted to read to him while he was in bed. I was in the middle of reading the April issue of National Geographic at the time, which they called […]

Daddy Debrief

Sweet Spring by David DeWitt I’ve written before about how Finn has inherited my sweet tooth. To my delight sometimes. Other times to my dismay, especially when he doesn’t want to brush his teeth. More weekend mornings than not, he asks for pancakes or waffles. When we make them, sometimes we double the recipe and […]

Positive News Briefs

Research shows that we start to become what we focus on in life. Check out the wonderful things our neighbors are up to.   Kingston’s First Distinguished Artist Awardees Kingston Mayor Steve Noble presented the city’s first Distinguished Artist Award in a mid-April City Hall event to artist and poet Julie Hedrick and composer Peter […]

The Locavore

Our Edible Revolution Shared Gardening as A Communitarian Experiment By Harry Matthews     Community spirit, in this oft seeming strained political climate, should not be underrated.  And what better way could there be to get into that spirit than to join in some gardening with your neighbors? I recently watched a wonderful TED talk […]

Book Review

The Ashokan Way & A New Global Agenda     Diana Ayton-Shenker of Rhinebeck, who serves as the Global Catalyst Senior Fellow at The New School, has edited a new book, A New Global Agenda: Priorities, Practices, and Pathways of the International Community (Rowman & Littlefield), that we recommend as a cogent guide to what needs […]

Ulster & Dutchess Events

Ulster County Sixth Annual Winter Hoot. Three day festival featuring local food, beer, wine, music, dancing, film, art, and nature activities for all ages, plus blacksmithing, winter hike,s and a square dance. Pre-purchased ticket holders and volunteers are guaranteed parking and entry. February 2–4 (starts Friday evening). Ashokan Center, Olivebridge. Ashokan.org. Black Wall Street. Documentary […]

Daddy Debrief

The Future Is Now By David DeWitt     Sometimes I feel as though Finn may be a little psychic.     Just as I’m beginning to think about the New Year, he is suddenly talking about building a time machine.     We were making breakfast. It had been declared “pancake day.” (He requests […]

The Gift of Giving

Holiday Cheer is an Evolving Tradition By Anne Pyburn Craig We recognize the exchange of gifts as a sacred occasion, which is why we instinctively make a ceremony out of gift giving. Sacred money, then, will be a medium of giving, a means to imbue the global economy with the spirit of the gift that […]

County Events

Ulster County: Body as Playground: Interactive Play of Dance & Trance. Participants are guided in and out of felt experiences using movement, sound, and imagery to enter an altered state of creative trance promoting intra-psychic reorganization and enhanced self-awareness. Dress comfortably. November 2. 7-830pm. Marbletown Community Center, 3564 Main Street, Stone Ridge. Rebecca Martin Special […]

The Yardavore

By Maria Reidelbach     Apple growers are telling me that they’ve got bumper crops—this is the year to feast on apples, to adventure into apple orchards, to revel in apples, to discover the vast variety of apples, and to preserve apples to eat all winter long!     I’ve always been fascinated by all […]

County Events

Ulster County: Catskill Conversations: Foraging & Feasting. A new Ashokan Center series of interactive talks by noted experts from a variety of fields complete with snacks, beverages and a chance to chat with the presenters and attendees. Premieres with Dina Falconi and Wendy Hollender leading a wild edibles walk and lessons on how to draw gathered […]

Splashing Around

Swimming holes, water quality, and you By Anne Pyburn Craig (Painting by Kim Do, courtesy of Windham Fine Arts)    Swimming holes in the Hudson Valley have been a hot topic over the past couple of years, what with the area’s heightened profile. Local tourism publications, the state’s I Love New York campaign, Travel and […]

The True Roots of ‘Monopoly’

A Game Invented To Demonstrate The Benefits Of A Shared Economy By Kate Raworth     “Buy land—they aren’t making it any more,” quipped Mark Twain. It’s a maxim that would certainly serve you well in a game of Monopoly, the best-selling board game that has taught generations of children to buy up property, stack […]

The Wayfinder Experience

Teaching Responsibility Through Imagination By Jodi La Marco     “The biggest thing that I think kids get out of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) is empathy,” says Trine Boode-Petersen, Executive Director of Communications at Wayfinder Experience. During the camp’s day- and week-long programs, kids play a live action fantasy adventure game using characters which […]

Hudson Valley Startup Fund

From Culturally Creative To Creating Business, New Startup Fund Grows The Economy From Within The Hudson Valley by Paul Smart So the Hudson Valley’s not only survived the Great Recession of recent years, but also started reinventing itself, just as Brooklyn reinvented itself from being one of New York City’s rougher boroughs into a beacon […]

Minimum Wage

When I was in middle school, the band They Might Be Giants came out with a song called Minimum Wage. My friends and I loved shouting, “Minimum Wage—Hee-ahhh” (just like the song). But we never really thought about what it meant. As I write this, the New York state budget is two days away from […]

Tribes of the Hudson Valley Part 3: Near-Death Experience

by Emma Parry It was March when we finally had our first heavy snow. One of our earliest nights in the cabin, the house was still a building site. We had a woodstove and a loft floor and not much more. There was no staircase or electricity—only a ladder propped up to the sleeping loft. […]

Dutchess Events–Dec 2015

by JD Eiseman Handmade Holiday Pop-Up Market. Poughkidsie hosts this annual pop-up gift boutique, featuring locally crafted items from Hudson Valley artisans and makers. The Village will be open for creative exploration. Take care of your holiday shopping, give your children some creative playtime, and support local businesses all in one go. $10/family. poughkidsie.com. Poughkidsie, […]

Come Celebrate 5 Years!

Time flies when you’re having fun. This month we’re celebrating the five-year anniversary of Country Wisdom News. And we’d love it if you come celebrate with us at the Accord Train Station on August 22. A farm-to-table meal will be served with local produce, proteins and drinks in the heart of Accord Main Street. Dinner […]

A Munchifesto

by Maria Reidelbach It is the 45th annual Earth Day! Since I began working as a local food activist a decade ago, my eco-awareness has expanded dramatically, and I have been often dismayed, but sometimes delighted. To celebrate Earth Day Yardavore style, I’d like to share with you a manifesto—call it a munchifesto, or maybe […]

River Loving Comes of Age in Beacon

by Anne Pyburn Craig    With its proud mountain and broad sparkling bay, it seems only natural that Beacon has emerged as an epicenter of Hudson River protection and preservation. It was here, in 1966, that Pete Seeger took it into his head to build a boat that would become the flagship of the environmental […]

DIY Upcycled Shopping Tote

by Nixie Sparrow   Materials Needed: • Blank Tote Bag – (we purchased 100% cotton eco-friendly tote bags – 15 x 16 x 4) • Cardstock and/or sheet of cardboard (to line inside of bag) • Painter’s Tape • Acrylic and/or Fabric Paints (Black and White) • Plate (or reusable palette if you have – to […]

Digging In

When my wife and I bought our house in Kerhonkson about ten years ago, the first thing we did was choose the garden spot so we could start digging in to the soil. We never really wanted a garden at the apartments that we rented, but once we owned our little corner of the planet, […]

David v. Goliath: The Cooper Lake Saga

by Anne Pyburn Craig Cooper Lake in Winter 2014. Photo by Rachel Marco-Havens. It began with an August 12 announcement from the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council. “Niagara Bottling, LLC is currently evaluating communities in the Northeast United States to purchase land and construct a 358,000 square-foot manufacturing facility with one high-speed bottling line (initially). […]

by Eric Francis The Leo Full Moon conjunct Jupiter takes place February 3. Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius until February 11. There is a second Aquarius New Moon in the very last degree of that sign on February 18, then the Moon and Sun enter Pisces immediately after. They join an impressive group of […]

Dutchess Events-December 2014

by Alecia Eberhardt Beacon Calling All Poets: Poetry Reading and Open Mic. Hudson Valley-based poet Robert Milby, along with Jim Eve and Mike Jurkovic, will host a poetry reading and open mic night. Featured poets are Jim Eve and Leslie Gerber. Cover is $5. Howland Cultural Center. 477 Main Street, Beacon. 845-831-0077. December 5. 8pm. […]

Ulster Events-December 2014

by Alecia Eberhardt Bloomington Commitment to Kids Toy Extravaganza and Winter Carnival. This event is a fundraiser and toy drive for the needy children (infant through age 14) of Ulster County. The event is sponsored by the Bloomington Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary and the Vietnam Veterans of America: Ulster County Chapter 60. All toys collected […]

The Bitter Beginning

by Maria Reidelbach     Part of the fun of the winter holidays is the frenzy of making presents for my friends. This time of year, the best gifts warm the soul and the heart. Use homemade bitters to make a Sinterklaas Sling. Photo by  Maria Reidelbach. In the spirit of “like cures like,” an antidote […]

Great Big Steaming Piles of…Compost

by Terence P Ward    Erstwhile gardeners with a bit of extra space often try their hands at composting food scraps, but this is one case when allowing nature to take its course won’t necessarily yield a very promising result. As New Paltz’s based garden author, speaker, and consultant Lee Reich teaches his students, “Everything […]