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Member Profile: Family of Woodstock

For December’s Member Profile, we’re featuring Family of Woodstock, a local non-profit founded in 1970. Family offers the community services such as shelters, emergency food pantries, domestic violence services, court advocates, counseling and case management, hotlines, child care and more. Learn more about their work and why they use Currents, in our Q&A with Michael […]

Member Maker: Common Hands Farm

Our featured Hudson Valley Current member for the November issue is Common Hands Farm, an organic farm located in Columbia County. Learn more about their operation in our Q&A below. 1. Please describe the work you do at Common Hands Farm. Common Hands is built around the principles of true community agriculture. In addition to […]

Member Maker: Circle Creative Collective

Our featured Hudson Valley Current Member for October is the Circle Creative Collective. Learn more about their crafting workshops and connection to the Current in our Q&A below.  Please describe the work you do at Circle Creative Collective.  We are a nonprofit organization rooted in the Hudson Valley with a mission of preserving and sharing […]

Member Maker: Seed Song Farm

This month’s featured Member Maker is Seed Song Farm and Center in Kingston, NY. Farm manager Creek Iversen describes their community-centered programs and why Currents connect with their mission in our Q&A below.  1. Please describe the work you do at Seed Song Farm. We are rekindling a cultural reverence for the land by making […]

Member Maker: Hudson Valley Seed Company

This month, our featured Current member is the Hudson Valley Seed Company. We reached out to co-founder Doug Muller to learn more about the company and why they use Currents.  Please describe the work you do at the Hudson Valley Seed Company.     I am one of the co-founders of the business and currently run […]

Member Spotlight: Free Columbia

For the June Member Spotlight, we spoke with Laura Summer and Nathaniel Williams of Free Columbia, to learn more about their initiative and why they use the Hudson Valley Current.  Please describe the work you do at Free Columbia.  Free Columbia began in 2009 as a community-supported, community-oriented, cultural and educational initiative. It is located […]

Member Maker: KaN Landscape Design

This month, our featured member maker is KaN Landscape Design. Originally from France and now rooted in the Hudson Valley, Karine Duteil and Nadej Hocini share their background, inspirations, and how they got involved with the Hudson Valley Current.  Please describe the work you do at KaN Landscape Design. The work we do often begins […]

Nature of Exchange Member Maker: Ellis Bradley of Sage Studios

The first member maker featured at Tilda’s Nature of Exchange Fridays is Ellis Bradley of Sage Studios. Ahead of the event, we reached out to Bradley to learn more about his work and the inspiration behind it.  Please describe the work you do at Sage Studios. Sage Studios creates furniture, sculpture, wall reliefs, and objects […]

Ulster County Towns: Highland

The Hamlet of Highland, nestled in the Town of Lloyd, is home to over 5,600 residents, and runs along the west side of Hudson River across from Poughkeepsie. Highland was first established by early settlers looking for higher ground for farmland, hence the name “high land.” In the 1820s, Philip Elting donated land for a […]

Hudson Valley Towns: Kingston

Kingston, NY, located in Ulster County, was first settled permanently around 1652 by the Dutch under the name Wiltwyck, and was one of three large Hudson River settlements in New Netherland, the other two being Beverwyck (Albany) and New Amsterdam (New York City). A trading post was established by the Dutch as early as 1614 […]

The Currency Corner: We are ALL Assets!

By: Dr. Michael B. Marks and Dr. Leanne Ussher  In the inaugural issue of “The Currency Corner,” we described the Hudson Valley Current (HVC), and the importance of joining this local ecosystem of exchanges in order to promote local businesses, and ensure their growth and survivability—especially during the pandemic. We noted that through a closed […]

Protect Your Trees From Winter Damage

Reprint: Country Wisdom News 2010 Winter weather can damage landscape plantings. Freezing temperatures, wind, and winter sun can desiccate foliage, damage bark and vascular tissue, and injure root systems and branches. Temperature extremes and fluctuations can harm plants. Typical winter injury is desiccation of foliage due to moisture loss when the soil is frozen and […]

Tours, Tastings, and More!

Nestled between the Shawangunk Mountains and the majestic Hudson River in Ulster and Orange counties, the 80-mile-long Shawangunk Wine Trail boasts a unique combination of spectacular scenery, memorable restaurants and shops, and of course, fine wines. The wineries along the Trail are as varied as the wines themselves. You will find wines ranging from bone […]

The Currency Corner

By: Dr. Leanne Ussher and Dr. Michael B. Marks Hello Livelihood Readers: This is the inaugural column of what we are calling “The Currency Corner”. The Currency Corner will provide data and information about our community currency—the Current.   Hudson Valley Current (HVC) membership means you join a local ecosystem to exchange goods, incubate projects, and […]

MidHudson Fuel Buying Co-op: Discounted Home Heating Oil and Propane

As the Ulster County-based Mid-Hudson Fuel Buying Co-op enters its seventh year, it is expecting another huge rise in membership, especially outside Ulster county. Last year saw new members in Dutchess, Orange, Greene, Sullivan, and Columbia counties and the co-op admin team expects more growth outside Ulster county this summer. “The co-op has mainly grown […]