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Daddy Debrief: He Speaks for the Trees

One of my guilty pleasures is watching videos of how things are made. Yesterday, when I was on the computer, and should have been doing more productive things, I was watching a video of how lumber is made. A few of my ancestors ran a sawmill so I guess there was a heightened curiosity. I […]

Learning to Fly

The boys became obsessed with a young cowbird last week that seemed to be lost. They believed it had fallen from its nest and was trying to find its way back. It was fairly large for a young bird and had the tiniest tuft of down feathers on top of its head. Other than that […]

Daddy Debrief: Contem’play’tion

As an artist, I’ve been wondering how other artists have fared during the pandemic. Personally, I haven’t found it a very creative time, though I’ve always felt contemplation was the most important part of creativity and if there’s a time for contemplation this is it. If it’s true, then the world should be on the […]

Daddy Debrief: Food Security

When the pandemic hit New York state, the first food item I thought of stocking up on immediately was flour. Then beans and rice. And judging by the shortages at the grocery store, so did a lot of other people. I make and eat lots of bread. When I was in my twenties I got […]

Daddy Debrief: Quarantine

We are now entering week three of our quarantine, like much of the world. Thankfully, we are healthy and have had no obvious symptoms. It has been hard for Finn to be away from a number of his friends. The saving grace has been that we live next door to wonderful people whose children are […]

Daddy Debrief: A Snowball’s Chance

I grew up in the South but moved to New York in my twenties. It occurred to me recently that I have lived in the North for much longer than I did in the South. The one thing I’ve never adapted to is the cold weather. When the winter moves in, I want to hibernate. […]

Daddy Debrief: Election

Two days before the now infamous election, Finn was in full sobbing meltdown. Perhaps a foreshadowing of half the country, if not the world. He was inconsolable because Erin had just explained that he would not actually be able to vote himself. “But I HAAAVE to!” he sobbed. If only everyone felt so strongly about […]

Daddy Debrief: Playtime

On a balmy fall “Indian Summer” evening just after sunset, Finn was having a hard time with the idea of bedtime. Refusing to come inside, he found one thing after another that he had to do “one last time.” “I just need to swing from the rope one more time,” he said. I lifted him […]

Daddy Debrief: Beginning Again

Fall brings memories of grade school and the smell of new school supplies. There are no traditional school supplies to get yet for Finn, but we did go shopping for some new rain gear, which he enjoyed trying out in the store a day or two before his first day of kindergarten. “I have to […]

Daddy Debrief: Mosquitoes and Meteors

We had our second annual camping trip with Finn last week. Erin and I have decided that camping is in a category of its own, separate from vacation. The idea was to camp on the beach. It was late in the season when we booked the reservation so there was little availability. We would have […]

Daddy Debrief: Separation

Lately I’ve been performing again. Singing and acting.   Something I used to do with more regularity years ago but had not pursued very much after Finn was born. Rehearsals have required me to be in the city away from Finn and Erin for a couple of long stretches.  It’s the first time Finn and […]

Daddy Debrief: Reality

by David DeWitt Erin and I got new phones this week. Our old ones weren’t holding a charge for very long. It still seems odd to me that something that is supposed to have superior technology has only a few years use. I bet the land-line phone I had as a kid would still work […]

Daddy Debrief: Sweet

A few days ago at breakfast, Finn got up abruptly and went to the refrigerator. I suspected it was to get more maple syrup since I had just observed him carefully scooping the amount I had given him off of the top of his oatmeal and slurping it down.   “Finn,” I said. “Don’t worry […]

Daddy Debrief: Trust

I took Finn with me to vote this week. In the car on the way I was trying to explain the concept to him. “It’s like being asked to raise your hand if you want something,” I said. “Except everyone in the State is being asked who we want for President. We can’t see each […]

Daddy Debrief: Balloons

by David DeWitt A few weeks ago Finn and I were fighting monsters in the back yard when he said, “You have to get that red lobster monster over there!” I went along with it and pretended to fight a big lobster. But he wasn’t satisfied. “No it’s really over there in the bush,” he […]

Daddy Debrief: Worry

by David Dewitt A day or two ago I found myself in a bit of a funk worrying about something and Finn picked up on it. “What’s wrong Daddoo?” “Nothing,” I said, lying through my teeth. “Ok. Well come over here. This will help you feel better. Come play with me.” And of course he […]

Daddy Debrief: Winning

by David DeWitt This week our little family had its first real game night. That is, the first where Finn wasn’t trying to make up his own rules or rake all of the game pieces into a pile. The game of choice was Zingo. Kind of like Bingo except with little pictures on each square […]

Daddy Debrief: Now!

by David DeWitt If there is one thing children are on earth to do it’s to continuously challenge our concept of time. After all, it isn’t natural this business of numbering the months, days, hours, and minutes. Finn’s natural tendency is to explore the moment until it has reached it’s natural end before moving on […]

Daddy Debrief: Heirlooms

by David DeWitt    A few nights ago during after-dinner conversation with friends, Erin was poking fun at things that I have held onto over the years. Two manual typewriters, a small film projector, and a couple of vintage sewing machines usually get honorable mention during these discussions. If it goes on long enough, my […]