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The New Economics: Virtues of the Old Economy

Originally published in the December 2013 issue of Country Wisdom News.  This might be a bit of a surprising topic, especially if you read last month’s column in which I talked about the “old economics, in which money is king, competition can be brutal, human values are ignored, and the environment is not even on […]

The New Economics: The Special Proposal

Originally printed in the July 2012 Issue of Country Wisdom News. The field we call New Economics abounds with ideas and projects intended to help build a just, prosperous and environmentally sane economy. In this column I’d like to tie together and complete several lines of reasoning taken up in my last three columns, all […]

The New Economics: Elemental Economics

The matrix of ideas and attitudes about economics is perhaps a bit like soil. Various soils are more or less fertile, and soil can also be degraded through overuse—or contaminated, as we see with modern-day industrial farming. In the same way, our economic thought systems have great potential for understanding, but are clouded by culture, […]

The New Economics: The Age of Capital

Originally published in the April 2012 issue of Country Wisdom News. The new economics is about working toward a way of thinking and acting that is valid for our present day world. To put it ironically, it’s an economics “as if the human race were capable of learning something.” Of course we are capable of […]

The New Economics: The Three Economies

Originally Published in the March 2012 Issue of Country Wisdom News. By: David McCarthy I would like to share an emerging framework I’m developing that could be helpful in understanding and discussing economics. This framework points out and distinguishes three kinds of economies happening simultaneously in human society: the tangible economy, the symbolic economy, and […]

New Economics: Civil Credit and Civil Money

Published in Country Wisdom News, February 2012 issue Right around now is a great time to be interested in alternative economic thinking. The uncertainties and injustices we are all going through have created a lot of motivation for new thinking and new directions of action. A lot of smart people are getting involved and working […]

The New Economics: The Ironies of Plutocracy

Reprint: Country Wisdom News October 2011 It’s wonderful to think about many of the new and positive economic ideas that are available to us these days—and maybe even to take action on some of them. But I’m afraid we risk impotence and even irrelevance if we don’t see and understand a tiny little elephant in […]

The New Economics: Economics As If…

Reprint: Originally Published in September 2011 Issue of Country Wisdom News Small is Beautiful, the groundbreaking book by E.F. Schumacher, appeared in 1973. Its subtitle, Economics as if People Mattered, was as brilliant as the title itself. Small is Beautiful (so worth reading if you haven’t) was a passionate cry for thoughts and actions that […]

After Materialism

When I was a kid, I spent many of my summers at my grandparents’ farm in Westfield, New York. We had a lot of wonderful homegrown food: fresh vegetables, berries, and all the great meals my grandma made. When we would take too much food on our plates, my grandpa would say, “Your eyes were […]

The Business Case of the Hudson Valley Current

By David McCarthy From a big picture point of view, there’s a clear case for a local currency system like the Hudson Valley Current: it’s a way we can work together to build a more just, resilient, and prosperous economy right here where we live. But is there a clear cut business case for using […]

A Social Agreement to Thrive By

by David McCarthy It has often been said that money involves a social agreement around what people use as a medium of exchange, and as to how the whole system is structured. That being so, in most cases, our “social agreement” is simply to be passive and follow the status quo. We allow the decision […]

A Path to Ownership

I have a pet peeve about the conversation around economic development: people always talk about “jobs, jobs, jobs.” For me, this represents an avoidance of some very deep basic issues, and it’s also out of step with the times and the place in which we find ourselves. Let me be clear that I’m not somehow […]

Expanding to Think Globally

by David McCarthy You have likely heard the saying, “Think globally; act locally.” There’s a lot of wisdom in that. We have a strong localist movement here in the Hudson Valley, and I’m proud to be part of it. The Hudson Valley Current is doing that work—along with many other great organizations—and there’s a lot […]

The Next System Project

by David McCarthy If you’re interested in really fundamental thinking about our economy and where it might go, The Next System Project is worth your attention. It was founded by veteran activists and leaders Gar Alperovitz and Gus Speth, who have been working for decades in the realm of social, economic, and environmental justice. They […]

What is Money?

As we develop Livelihood, a publication that is under the organizational umbrella of the Hudson Valley Current, it is entirely fitting to examine the nature of money at a fundamental level. Indeed, it was such a contemplation that led us to the design of the Current as it stands today. There are really only three […]