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Summer Salad Recipe

Originally published in the August 2011 issue of CWN.  In the baking Hudson Valley summer days, one cannot help but notice the beautiful crop of vegetables and fruits lining the winding roads. From perfectly sweet peppers to the full and almost floral flavor of a vine-ripened summer squash, our area is an abundant cornucopia of […]

Got Goats? The benefits of raising goats in your own backyard

By: Rebecca Horwitz Originally Published in the March 2012 Issue of Country Wisdom News. One of the beauties of living in Ulster County is that many of us enjoy the experience of raising animals right in our own backyards. My neighbor down the street has hens in her average-sized, fenced yard; others have rabbits in […]

The Long Wait is Almost Over

Originally Published in the March 2011 Issue of Country Wisdom News. By: Ed Mues Spring, and nice weather, and the longing to get back into the yard and garden are the thoughts that preoccupy so many of us these days. After the cold and dreary days of winter, we can almost smell the soil bursting […]

Get Ready for Winter Greens

A cold frame garden bed can house a variety of fresh veggies Reprint: Originally published in September 2010 in the original issue of Country Wisdom News The first frost touches your nose and the nostalgia for fresh tomatoes, lettuces, squash, and cabbage floods the mind. Why must it all end? Why must my beautiful garden […]

Widening Our Civic Responsibility 

Participatory Budgeting Comes To The Valley By Tola Brennan If you give money to the government, shouldn’t you have a say in where it goes? In communities across the globe, an upstart process called Participatory Budgeting is proving that people can have a voice that penetrates into the daily operations of government. Participatory Budgeting, or […]

The Locavore

Seeds of Change   From garden to agribusiness? by Harry Matthews Despite a seemingly endless winter, spring is in fact here, and with it comes a dizzying multitude of ideas for those of us gardeners who have spent these past cold months fantasizing about what we might do differently in our this season. Plant more? […]

The Community WiFi Future

New Webs Emerge Across The Globe By Paul Smart I’m writing this in the state capitol up in Albany, hooked to the internet via my iPhone’s hotspot. I’m writing this in a local library, in a coffee shop, in a fast food joint by a highway. I’m writing this in the comfort of my own […]

County Events

ULSTER COUNTY Women’s Woodstock Cycling Grand Prix. A grand race benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Ulster County and Woodstock Fire Department, in four parts. May 4-5. In Woodstock and Shandaken. www.womenswoodstockcycling.com. SUNY Ulster Choral and Guitar Ensemble Concert. A grand annual event in SUNY Ulster’s Quimby Theater, Stone Ridge. May 4. 7:30pm. Handwriting […]


How Is A Nation’s Greatness Measured? By Chris Hewitt My dad was on life support last month in Florida (he’s getting much better now), and I wanted to read to him while he was in bed. I was in the middle of reading the April issue of National Geographic at the time, which they called […]

Book Review

The Book of Highs by Edward Rosenfeld Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change by Mary Beth Pfeiffer Looking to explore mindfulness, buck anti-intellectual trends, and hook into an expansive holistic mindset all at once?  Edward Rosenfeld’s The Book of Highs: 255 Ways to Alter Your Consciousness (Workman) looks like the update of a 1973 […]

Investing in Us

The Current’s Curated Crowdsourcing List What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Pet and health problems, creative projects, and once again a few campaigns that seem perfect for our area: P&T Surplus has been in business for decades, offering up a wide assortment of hardware materials—including piles of wild rejects—that has drawn homeowners […]

Mindfulness: Public Policy Vs. Addiction Treatment

By Jennifer Brizzi Iron shackles and chains bound the wrists and ankles of the mentally ill in America until the middle of the 20th century. Eventually, after the practice was finally deemed inhumane, they were melted down to be recast into a 300-lb bell to signify how far we’ve come, with the connotation that the […]

Hudson Valley Pollinators

Taking on the Challenges of Poverty Dutchess Outreach Makes an Impact By Jodi La Marco Since 1974, Dutchess Outreach has been a force for good in the Hudson Valley. From its humble beginnings as the one-woman effort of founder Mary Keeley, the organization now provides food access, emergency financial relief, and advocacy and referral services […]

Daddy Debrief

Sweet Spring by David DeWitt I’ve written before about how Finn has inherited my sweet tooth. To my delight sometimes. Other times to my dismay, especially when he doesn’t want to brush his teeth. More weekend mornings than not, he asks for pancakes or waffles. When we make them, sometimes we double the recipe and […]

Beyond The Big Short & In Need of a Bigger Bailout

By Paul Smart A number of friends have been discussing The Big Short, the 2015 Oscar-nominated comedy based on one of the factual threads that led to the financial collapse of 2007/2008, which in turn led to the election of Barack Obama as our 44th president, as well as the rise of our current, 45th […]

Member Spotlight

Taking Care of One’s Skin Conscientiously WEBA Natural Products Works to do No Harm Compiled by Jodi La Marco WEBA Natural Products does skin care right. We sat down with the company’s founder, Lydia Davis, to find out what inspired her to start a planet-conscious skin care company. What does WEBA mean? WEBA stands for Whole […]

Positive News Briefs

Research shows that we start to become what we focus on in life. Check out the wonderful things our neighbors are up to.   Kingston’s First Distinguished Artist Awardees Kingston Mayor Steve Noble presented the city’s first Distinguished Artist Award in a mid-April City Hall event to artist and poet Julie Hedrick and composer Peter […]

Celebrating the Late Great Ben Wigfall

A new exhibit at the Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster celebrates the legacy of the late painter and printmaker Benjamin Wigfall, who was a forerunner of the contemporary Black Arts Movement that blossomed in the 1960s and 1970s to reflect pride in African-American history and culture.  Wigfall’s many accomplishments included his being a pioneering college professor, […]


Hudson Valley Challenges The Corporate World  By Tola Brennan     Localism is about as close as you’ll get to a full-fledged utopian vision these days.     For the uninitiated, it can seem like little more than the slogan “buy local,” a phrase now adopted by Walmart and other grocery store chains.     […]

The Locavore

Our Edible Revolution Shared Gardening as A Communitarian Experiment By Harry Matthews     Community spirit, in this oft seeming strained political climate, should not be underrated.  And what better way could there be to get into that spirit than to join in some gardening with your neighbors? I recently watched a wonderful TED talk […]

How Do You Fund Idealism?

Crowdsourcing Has Very Deep Roots By Paul Smart     Crowdfunding had its biggest year ever in 2017, when nearly one billion was raised by Ethereum and other blockchain-based computing platforms for new cryptocurrencies. It capped off a few years in which the world of online crowdfunding platforms mushroomed from several hundred a decade ago […]

The Current’s Curated Crowdsourcing List

What’s out there on the crowdfunding front for our area? Lots of pleas for help, worthy humanitarian causes, and a few nifty ideas. Here are a few campaigns that caught our eye:     The Hudson Valley Rice Project at Ever-Growing Family Farm is the brainchild of husband and wife team Nfamara Badjie and Dawn Hoyte, who are bringing […]

Ulster & Dutchess Events

Dutchess events Fighting Forward: The Path toward Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice. Bard College’s Levy Institute presents a conversation about cutting-edge work to create a more just, prosperous future for all. April 2. 7–9pm. 845-758-7073. Good Neighbors Annual Spring Festival.  Sponsored by the Town of Poughkeepsie and the Good Neighbors Committee at Vassar College, the event […]

Bursting the Crypto Bubble

A Big Difference Between Local Currency By Chris Hewitt When Bitcoin was originally released, everyone was calling it a currency. In a way, it can be thought of as a currency (if it allows for trades to be made), but the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) no longer consider […]

Book Review

The Ashokan Way & A New Global Agenda     Diana Ayton-Shenker of Rhinebeck, who serves as the Global Catalyst Senior Fellow at The New School, has edited a new book, A New Global Agenda: Priorities, Practices, and Pathways of the International Community (Rowman & Littlefield), that we recommend as a cogent guide to what needs […]

The Yardavore

Dear neighbors and other folks,     It’s been wonderful to contribute The Yardavore to this publication for the last seven years — 87 columns about eating delicious homegrown food, both cultivated and wild. Far from becoming bored with the subject, the more I research and practice eating local foods, the more I realize that […]

Paint Your Mood Yellow!

How Health Betters With Attitude By Jennifer Brizzi     “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.”                                                                       –Vincent […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

All About Housing Solutions RUPCO Cares For The Entire Region By Jodi La Marco     Since 1981, RUPCO has been an advocate for affordable housing in the Hudson Valley. “In a nutshell, we create homes, support people, and improve communities across a broad spectrum of community development solutions,” says Tara Collins, Director of Communications […]

Daddy Debrief

Carousel Ride By David DeWitt     There was a noticeable silence in the backseat of the car while I was running a recent errand with Finn.     At a stop light I glanced in the rearview mirror to see if he was napping.     Instead he was staring out the window lost […]

What’s With The Tax Changes?

A Guide for Our Readership Demographic By Paul Smart     It’s tax deadline time. The politics of the partisan Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 are likely to ripple through the coming years as many have just started seriously looking at the law’s needed fixes — par for the course for any big […]

Member Spotlight

Life Is Free Weights Further Fitness Fits Valley Lifestyles As Compiled by Jodi La Marco     We caught up with Jamie Dreyer, one half of the husband-and-wife duo who run Further Fitness in Kingston to see what sets their training center apart from the rest of the pack. You originally had a training gym […]

Positive News Briefs

Research shows that we start to become what we focus on in life. Check out the wonderful things our neighbors are up to. New Citizens Welcomed     Approximately 52 new citizens took their Oaths of Allegiance to become Americans in a naturalization ceremony at the Ulster County Courthouse last month. Participating were the Kingston […]

Jazz in the Hudson Valley

A Very Personal Look By David McCarthy     The Hudson Valley stands in a special place historically and geographically in relation to jazz. We are the backyard of New York City, arguably the greatest jazz capital in history. By virtue of that, we have a unique cultural resource here in the Valley. And no, […]

New Allure Of The Gig Economy

Freelancing’s Place in the Hudson Valley By Tola Brennan     It used to just refer to jazz musicians in the 1920s. Now, according to research, it will involve more than half of the American workforce in the next decade.     The “gig economy” label was coined at the height of the financial crisis […]

The Yardavore

Faked Out Identifying Counterfeit Food by Maria Reidelbach     There’s no getting around it; even though there are many great reasons for eating locally grown foods—deliciousness, health, support for our local farms, economy and environment—it’s usually more expensive than the packaged products in our supermarkets. With budgets tightening, why is it worth it spend […]

Getting Beyond Our Trust In Fiats

  How Two Bay Bucks Define New Currencies By Paul Smart     One of the keys to understanding all the new approaches to currency, as well as all things lumped under the general category “new economy,” is to get a sense of an effort’s mission, the “why” behind its invention in the first place. […]

Ulster & Dutchess Events

ULSTER COUNTY Climate Change and Hope!  Hudson Valley resident, actor Tim Guinee is a leader and a mentor in former Vice-President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. March 5. 7:30pm. Rough Draft Bar & Books, 82 John St., Kingston The Truth About Sojourner and Slavery. A discussion of the region’s slave-owning history and one woman’s work to […]

Let There Be Light

  Getting Through Winter Isn’t Easy by Jennifer Brizzi     Winter’s sunlight deprivation makes us cranky. Lower light levels affect the circadian rhythms that govern our hormones and brain waves. Serotonin, that happiness chemical, drops; melatonin rises. We have no energy and we sleep more. We crave carbs and eat too much. We lose […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

Working on Behalf of our Mountains Catskill Center Eyes Its 50th Anniversary By Jodi La Marco     The beauty of the Catskill Mountains has drawn visitors to the region for generations. From New York City residents eager to escape the summer heat to artists in search of inspiration, the area began gaining steam as […]

Daddy Debrief

  Crag Day By David DeWitt     Happy Crag Day! Finn said, descending from the bedroom upon awakening.     The day before, he’d expressed wanting to hike to the rock formation in a nearby preserve.     The forecast had promised perfect weather.     There were doubts about making it all the […]

Member Spotlight

Finding New Lives for Old Junk How Beeline Moving Grew to Embrace Currents Compiled by Jodi La Marco Livelihood spoke with Brendan Mullally, owner of Beeline Moving and Hauling to chat about his business and the future of local currency. Tell us how your business got its start.     I was homeless and drunk […]

Positive News Briefs & Opportunities

Research shows that we start to become what we focus on in life. Check out the wonderful things our neighbors are up to. Sign Up for Seedlings Now!     Planning your gardens already/ Maybe even started some seedlings in that sunny window upstairs? It’s time for the Master Gardeners of Cornell Cooperative Extension of […]

Currencies Grow When Decentralized

Cities Used To Have Their Own Money By Mark Griffith     How many currencies does the world need? Actually, let’s make this more concrete. The euro was a colossal bet on the proposition that Europe, at any rate, needs only one. You will have noticed that the experiment is going badly. And why is […]

The Bitcoin Story

  Crytocurrencies Change the World By Paul Smart     Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies. Economies. Big words, two of them not yet covered by spell check in most systems, that come down to money. Like our president, they’re sucking up all our news space. But what do we really need to know about each? What […]

The Yardavore

Microgreen Bucks by Maria Reidelbach     Well, here we are again, the coldest, darkest part of the year, with nothing to look forward to but February. I think it’s my eyes that are the most deprived, starved to see something verdant. But I’d also love to eat something green, ideally homegrown. In past winters […]

Hudson Valley Pollinator

The Front Lines of Education Hudson Valley P-Tech Leads The Way By Jodi La Marco      Known as P-Tech, the Hudson Valley Pathways Academy is cultivating a new generation of local, skilled workers. Through P-Tech, students who may not have had an opportunity to earn a college diploma are given the chance to obtain […]

Ulster & Dutchess Events

Ulster County Sixth Annual Winter Hoot. Three day festival featuring local food, beer, wine, music, dancing, film, art, and nature activities for all ages, plus blacksmithing, winter hike,s and a square dance. Pre-purchased ticket holders and volunteers are guaranteed parking and entry. February 2–4 (starts Friday evening). Ashokan Center, Olivebridge. Ashokan.org. Black Wall Street. Documentary […]

Changing to Match the Region’s Rise

Why We’ve Moved Livelihood to the Fore     After nearly a decade of success, we’ve decided to make some changes within the publication you’re reading. We want to better reflect the goals and mission of our parent entity at Hudson Valley Current, and rise with the new tide of socially responsible entrepreneurship that’s driving […]

Governing With Purpose

How Policy Changes Impact Our Landscape By Anne Pyburn Craig     Call it the art of intentional consequences. Changes in policy implemented by governing bodies and executives impact our lives in hundreds of ways, some of them scary (net neutrality, anyone?) and some of them refreshing.     Some policy decisions have unintended unfortunate […]

Healthy Living Trends for 2018

Fads Come and Go While Trends Stick Around By Jennifer Brizzi     What would our great-grandparents have thought about our willingly consuming billions of bacteria in our beverages and candy bars? The probiotic boom is just one of many trends that promise to get even bigger in the public eye in 2018.     […]