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Artist Profile: Michael Porter, White Crane Hall

compiled by Lisa Barnard Kelley

Michael Porter started his study of Tai-Chi in the early ’80s, and he’s had a constant practice ever since then. He taught his first class in 1995; since 2001 he has taught continually in the Kingston area. His teaching style focuses on building a good foundation in the principles and correct body alignment, along with helping students understand and apply the internal mind/body training necessary for true Tai-Chi energy/awareness development. After receiving his first and second Reiki attunements in the late ’80s and becoming a Reiki practitioner, he went on to study many forms of bodywork.

Photo courtesy of Kingston Shirt Factory.
In 2000 he received his Reiki Instructor certificate and in 2009 continued his study of Traditional Reiki with gaining a more in-depth understanding of how to teach and certify people in Traditional Reiki. He graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 1996 and was certified as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist in 2006. He is also a minister of the Universal Life Church. He brings an eclectic blend of ancient and modern understanding to his teaching and healing ministry. 

Since 2012, Porter’s studio, White Crane Hall, has flourished in midtown Kingston’s historic Shirt Factory building with an ongoing calendar of classes, workshops, and events that include weekly groups in Community Reiki, Remote Viewing, as well as Tai-Chi, Chi Gung, Belly Dance, and Historical Fencing.

For more information about Michael and White Crane Hall visit whitecranehall.com.