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Accord Feeds and Needs

With their main mission to provide their customers with a wide selection of quality pet food and animal feed combined with personalized service and affordable prices, owners George Kambouris, Sarah Weaver, and Robert Johnson opened their family business in June 2009. Being fully aware that caring for animals in the healthiest way can be expensive, their goal is to offer their animal-loving customers a way to purchase superior foods at prices that wouldn’t force the purchase of less-than-quality sustenance. Said Weaver, “We have the knowledge to help our customers feed their pets the type of food that best fits their dietary needs—from dry food to a raw food diet; we have what you need.” Their manager, Bob, according to the trio of owners, is extremely knowledgeable. “He’s been in the business for over 15 years and this is second nature to him,” expressed Weaver, adding, “I know our customers feel confident purchasing their feed from Bob because he explains why the feed will suit their animals’ needs. To him it’s all about the animals—nothing more.” Along with offering a wide selection of grain-free dry food for canines and felines, one very important factor is that the owners believe it’s important to carry products from local businesses such as Butcher’s Blend Raw Pet Food from Woodstock, which provides twice the nutrition of any canned or dry food and is not enhanced with hormones, antibiotics or preservatives—going well beyond the standards of processed foods. You’ll also find food for horses, turkeys, poultry, and just about any furry critter.
4739 Route 209, Accord.