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A Sharing Manifesto

by Ashley Schoessow    
Within a Collaborative Commons 
We are co­-creating a mesh, 

A sharing vision 
Where we are doing more, and owning less
On a quest to connect 
With one unified mission: 
to support each other during the transition 
to a just, beyond­ sustainable world.
Within the sharing economy 
Trust is the most­ valued currency. 
So the more we share 
our knowledge, our feedback, ratings, and reviews, 
The more we all will have access to. 
The more we share our skills, our resources, and the ingenuity 
that is inherent within ourselves and within our communities, 
the closer we are 
to a future of limitless progress and possibility.
We share our problems to find solutions 
(and to collaborate) 
We share our skills to empower 
(and to invite others to act on their fate) 
We share knowledge to enlighten 
(and to unite people regardless of race or place of origin) 
And we share but one religion: Love. 
It matters not whether or not your neighbor prays to the same god almighty 
For in this new economy we have zero tolerance for fighting or for war 
Within this future, no one is out to compete or keep score
Because inclusion is in and isolation is out 
and resignation has been replaced by generosity and wit 
Move over Darwin, because survival of the fittest 
is now the “Thrival of the Nicest” ­ 
Get used to it!
For the future of the arts 
We share our images and melodies and the stories of our hearts 
For the future of our souls 
We share our smiles, and our passions for rocks and for rolls 
For the future of fashion 
We swap our scarves, our shoes, our jewels, and our jeans
For the future of food 
We share our yards, our seeds, and our mean lean fat grilling machines 
For the future of work
Our offices become collaborative working places 
For the future of education and entertainment 
We share our computers, our textbooks, and our towns’ open spaces
For the future of business 
We exchange our services and skills using local currencies 
For the future of hospitality 
We open up our spare rooms, our homes and our pantries 
For the future of building 
We share our tools, our equipment, and our trees 
For the future of transport 
We rent out our bikes, our roller­blades, and our cars 
Because together, we envision a future where 
What’s mine is ours.

The Mesh: www.meshing.it
Transition Towns: www.transitionus.org
What’s Mine is Yours: