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A Late Spring Walk

It’s June now, and the sun is shining. All of the trees have gotten their leaves back, and the grass grows taller every day. The woods seem as welcoming and beautiful as ever, and you go on a little hike to get some fresh air and see the new greenery and flowers all around you.

It’s a little warm, but overall it’s a very nice temperature. The tree’s new leaves add some very nice shade, and there is plenty of new undergrowth that wasn’t there before. Little flowers are blooming all over the place, and it is much different than it was a few months ago.

There is also a variety of animals, ranging from chipmunks to newts to tiny mosquitoes. The bees are also bumbling and buzzing all over the place, looking for new flowers to get nectar from. The birds are singing and they seem to be in every tree of the forest, each with its own unique sound.

Summer is almost here, and everything is in full bloom. You start walking back down the trail and think of all the different things you saw, and how different it is from the former months now. What a lovely day.